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Rihanna fancies Cheryl Cole: "Had an interview for Esquire UK last night
Robert Pattinson fancies Jane Fonda: "I prefer older women.
RUSSELL Brand fancies Helen Mirren: "There's something about her that drives me wild.
A little of what you fancy does you good [ETH] so weOve been testing fondant fancies to see whose are tastiest.
And he admitted he fancies fellow judge Cheryl Cole, but joked: "Who doesn't?
He added modestly: "I think I fancy her more than she fancies me.
The fancies include pink, blue, green and cognac coloured diamonds.
The comedian said that he loves her company - but has always thought that Dame Judi fancies him.
He said: "I know she fancies me and I would like the world to know that I fancy her right back.