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15 minutes of fame

A brief period of celebrity or notoriety. The term was coined by artist Andy Warhol. Jane had her 15 minutes of fame when she appeared on the nightly news broadcast.
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house of ill fame

A brothel or house of prostitution. Though obviously in decline in recent years, houses of ill fame can still be found in the seedier parts of the city.
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claim to fame

The reason why someone or something is famous or well-known. I've heard that name before—what's his claim to fame? Jeff's big claim to fame is being on that reality show for one episode.
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house of ill repute

 and house of ill fame
Euph. a house of prostitution. The sign says "Health Club," but everyone knows it's a house of ill repute. He made a lot of money by running a house of ill fame.
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someone's claim to fame

someone's reason for being well-known or famous. Her claim to fame is that she can recite the entire works of Shakespeare.
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somebody's claim to fame

the reason why someone is famous Chan's claim to fame is that he does his own stunts in his movies.
Usage notes: sometimes used of places: The restaurant is Philadelphia's latest claim to fame.
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somebody's claim to fame

a reason for a person or place to be well known or famous The town's main claim to fame is that the President was born here. (humorous) His only claim to fame is that he nearly met Princess Diana.
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What price [fame/success/victory etc.]?

something that you say which means it is possible that the fame, success etc. that has been achieved was not worth all the suffering it has caused What price victory when so many people have died to make it possible?
See pay the price
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