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There is a bit of a falseness about it, from the buildings made of chipboard because of the earthquakes to all those women with very peculiar lips and enormous bosoms.
Calling on the UN not to be witness for falseness for what is going on in Iraq.
Rowe said that Robson's publicity-seeking attempt is opportunistic and just oozes falseness.
We will not be affected by the media campaigns staged against us, and we know best our landmark achievements that cannot be denied only by the ungrateful," he said, calling upon national media to assume its role in refuting lies and proving their falseness to the world.
While stressing the falseness of this news, "the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry stresses its respect for the Lebanese sovereignty and keenness on the security and stability of friendly Lebanon," the source added.
Pretending that we are not sectarian people is sheer falseness," said Bweiz, deeming direct elections of MPs the best.
She shows how the Lutheran rejection of monastic asceticism affected dress and how people saw their bodies; she demonstrates conclusively the falseness of the notion that only the elite wore colorful clothing; and she uses her sources, well contextualized, to take us into the consciousness of early modern people.
Thomas Merton once referred to such falseness as a sort of "pseudo-goodness" that prefers routine duty to courage and creativity (Contemplative Prayer, Random House, 1969).
When you look inside there is no fakeness, no falseness, no hidden identity.
He affirmed that the records of the Sharia justice on properties in Al Quds and all Palestinian cities are strong evidences for the Palestinian rights and reveal the falseness of the occupation authorities.
See, as a public figurewhich even Snyder cedes he isSnyder must prove that the WCP article's statements were not only false but made with knowledge of their falseness or at least extreme tenuousness.
Along with the falseness of that other well-worn claim that resorting to foul language is a sure sign of a limited vocabulary and lack of education.
The very thought of all the ho ho ho falseness and the gross commercialisation just makes my heart sink.
Sherrod had shared with the March gathering a moment in which she had gained wisdom about the inherent falseness of racist thinking.