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Fallen says he believes Americans want to stay closer to home because they feel safer in their own country, and that marketing programs in their own states are enticing them to stay.
Most of the formations that have fallen onto flat surfaces point in directions that align with ground movements typically produced by a major fault about 60 km to the east of the caves, she notes.
Bell summed up the problem by asking whether we can give names to Eve and Adam's impulses or states of mind without using obviously fallen categories.
Two needs coincided in the 1840s: the number of former prostitutes desiring some form of institutional care was growing rapidly, and the newly established Anglican sisterhoods, seeking a means of justifying and defending their vulnerable institutions, saw the provision of refuges for fallen women as an irrefutable vindication of their own existence.
In recent months, capacity utilization has fallen significantly in the transportation equipment and primary metals industries.
Early in 1796, Edward King, a fellow of the Royal Society, published the first English-language book on fallen stones.
I've fallen twice,'' 9-year-old Gianna Herrera declared, proudly adding that she only cried a little after her second fall.
1 percent in April, based on preliminary estimates, after having fallen a downward revised 0.
But to keep the fruit trees you already have in good health, do pick up and discard any fallen fruit now; neglecting this chore can attract disease.
On the next month's review the patient had fallen only twice and had 5 episodes of hurtful behavior.
Production of nondurable materials was about unchanged in February, after having fallen in each of the three preceding months: last month, a rise in the output of paper materials about matched declines in textiles and chemicals.
The decline marks only the second time in 10 days that the shares have fallen and follows an increase of 45 percent during that period which on Tuesday brought the stock to its highest level since July 27.