fall short of goal

fall short of one's goal(s)

 and fall short of the goal(s); fall short of the record
to fail to achieve a goal. We fell short of our goal of collecting a thousand dollars. Ann ran a fast race, but fell short of the record.
See also: fall, goal, of, short
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With about one month to go in the fund-raising drive to support critical programs for children, families, seniors and others in need, United Way officials estimate they may fall short of goal by approximately $400,000.
He's also insisting on a 4-2-3-1 system that could see Tottenham fall short of goals as they pursue a place in the top four.
Non-government organizations from around the world voiced concerns today that international treaty negotiations on mercury currently underway are likely to fall short of goals and have the potential to increase - not reduce - mercury emissions.
The authors suggest, however, that people also "incur psychological costs from admitting goal failure" and that "psychological factors can motivate unethical actions after people fall short of goals.
Under the rule introduced in 2003, the management of banks receiving public financial help will be disciplined if their net profits fall short of goals specified in their management improvement plans by more than 30 percent for two business years in a row.
Companies Generate Plenty of Product Ideas, But Post-Launch Results Fall Short of Goals
Interest Earnings cited as Overall Earnings fall short of Goals