fall off the perch

fall off (one's) perch

slang To die. I hope not to fall off my perch until I'm old and gray.
See also: fall, off, perch

fall off the perch


fall off your perch

If someone falls off the perch or falls off their perch, they die. Note: A perch is a pole, branch or other place where a bird sits to rest. He fell off the perch years ago. Note: Other verbs such as drop or topple can be used instead of fall. He'll topple off his perch one morning. You know how it is. Note: This expression is used humorously.
See also: fall, off, perch
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He told Ryan Tubridy: "They all seemed to fall off the perch at the same time, and far too young.
From there, it was a short mental jump (small brains make for short distances) to other places in the world where I would like to sail before I fall off the perch.
It's just like business and as you move up a ladder people fall off the perch - there are players who'll fall off the perch the higher they go with us.
Inheritance tax has been a favourite among Labour supporters because it has always been regarded as a tax on toffs and the successors of the landed gentry when they fall off the perch.
He said: "They all seemed to fall off the perch at the same time and far too young.