fairy godmother

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fairy godmother

1. In children's fairy tales, a woman with magical powers who appears in order to help others in their time of need. Cinderella's fairy godmother helped her get ready for the ball so she could meet Prince Charming.
2. Someone who helps others with their problems, usually providing financial assistance. Thank you so much for helping me with my car repair bill! You are my fairy godmother.
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fairy godmother

A generous benefactor, as in An anonymous fairy godmother donated the money for the new organ. This expression alludes to a stock character in fairy tales such as Cinderella, who gives unexpected and much needed assistance. [Late 1800s]
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a fairy godmother

A fairy godmother is a person, especially a woman, who helps someone a lot. When I began in the business, the woman I regarded as my fairy godmother was Sybil Thorndike. Our country needs a fairy godmother to pay its debts.
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a/your ˌfairy ˈgodmother

a person who helps you unexpectedly when you most need help: You’ll need a fairy godmother to get you out of your present difficulties.The fairy godmother is the magical character in the story of Cinderella who helps Cinderella go to the ball.
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The film, released in cinemas earlier this year, saw Helena tweaking the character of the Fairy Godmother to give her more depth.
The response to her Fairy Godmothers Club, as one of the volunteers christened the group, was encouraging.
They are joined by Gillian Elisa as the Fairy Godmother.
In the first episode, Stifyn presents his idea to over 300 local people in the Stiwt - dressed as a Fairy Godmother on a panto set.
What a pity that under the last Labour Government, Dave was too busy backing his own government's tax and economic policies to slip into his Fairy Godmother costume.
Heather and Lucy Fell of Slaithwaite judged the fancy dress and winners were: 1 - Becky Holmes as Santa's Little Helper with Dion Tiplady as Santa and joint winner Maz Bradley as a Fairy Godmother.
Because Eric knows me really well, the Fairy Godmother will definitely reflect my character.
In addition to the Fairy Godmother, there are four season fairies, each with her own sweet solo and two attendants.
However, the fairy godmother is Irish and has only limited powers, which sometimes results in humorous mishaps.
Children on a hospital ward were granted their Christmas wish by a famous fairy godmother.
Ultimately, I hope to walk away with the comfort of family still intact and the assurance that I am still who I was before coming out, a neurotic overachiever who believes that Stevie Nicks is her fairy godmother.
They are not best pleased when they find out and things get even more complicated when a furious fairy godmother appears on the scene she wanted Fiona to marry her son, Prince Charming.
Because people consistently take advantage of her, Ella has to get rid of this "gift" by tracking down the fairy godmother who cast the spell This magical fairy-tale flick comes complete with giants, elves, an evil stepmother, wicked stepsisters, a handsome prince .
I also write an advice column, "Ask Your Jewish Fairy Godmother.
Obviously, that isn't possible unless you're a fairy godmother or Superman.