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Far from being a fair-weather fan, the 35-year-old actor said he had supported the team since he was three.
Just so he knows I'm no fair-weather fan, I've dug out my "I love Shaky" T-shirt and dusted off my ancient denim jacket.
It was just so easy to write off the year as a total loss, and for this I feel as if I let down my alma mater and became the least-liked individual in all of sports - the fair-weather fan.
But despite claiming to understand the offside rule, Alison uttered that fateful phrase that will forever expose the fair-weather fan.
Mellor, it seemed, was the archetypal fair-weather fan.
You might want to consider whether you are a true blue Duck fan or a fair-weather fan.
My revulsion for SPIT among Francona and his players is newfound, born of a fair-weather fan status that allows me to bypass an entire summer of baseball and only tune in post-season because we're winning.
The one thing you hate if you're a true sports fan is a fair-weather fan.
When the self-admitted fair-weather fan left the stadium that night, she was furious.
0-5 6-10 11-15 16-19 20/20 Fair-weather fan Absolute rubbish.
Several times during the evening, speakers name-checked Mr Evans as an example of the opposite of a fair-weather fan - someone who has turned out on wet weekday nights for a team whose glory days sometimes seemed lost in a foggy past.
Quick, accessible and entertaining; it was bite-sized cricket for the fair-weather fan.
He reckons the club cannot climb to the reaches of National One and beyond without more consistent support from a fair-weather fan base.
I'm not a fair-weather fan where Wales is concerned and I'm always very proud to sing the anthem for the boys and cheer them on.
FIRMLY in the fair-weather fan category, this TV presenter's most famous football connection is sleeping with Sven Goran Eriksson.