fair game

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fair game (for something)

someone or something that it is considered permissible to attack or abuse in some way. I don't like seeing articles exposing people's private lives, but politicians are fair game for that kind of criticism. Journalists always regard movie stars as fair game.
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fair game

A legitimate target for attack or ridicule. For example, On his talk show, authors are considered fair game. This expression alludes to hunting. [Early 1800s]
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fair game

someone or something considered a reasonable target for criticism, exploitation, or attack.
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fair ˈgame

if a person or thing is said to be fair game, it is considered acceptable to play jokes on them, criticize them, etc: The younger teachers were considered fair game by most of the kids.
In this idiom, game refers to birds and animals that people hunt for sport or food.
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Tonight Fair Game (C4, 8pm) blows the whistle on football journalism.
May 23 /PRNewswire/ -- Fair Game magazine, a new women's soccer magazine, has been launched in the U.
Despite her Fair Game flop, Cindy Crawford has had another bash at film acting with The Simian Line
For the catwalk queen has been a flop in her first film, Fair Game.
Roeder said: "The referee has done his best to spoil a competitive but fair game.
The new law recognizes that women, like men, are entitled to a sex life, and that exercising this right should not make them fair game for rapists.
The Canadian government has decided that, while hitting people under the age of two or older than age twelve is illegal, youths two to twelve are fair game.
But just because words like nimrod, go postal and wannabe are now fair game, we doubt they'll turn up on your next vocab quiz.
It's a broad swath of territory and anything in there is fair game.
A downside of being in the public eye is that even if you're wearing a patient ID and you're in a hospital department having tests you're still fair game," she wrote in a magazine column.
While outright campaigning for or against politicians would be an obvious violation of the tax code, anything less ought to be fair game in how a church goes about its business.
The title of his first album, If You're Standing You're Fair Game, was inspired by violence in the city centre.
The parents of a second-grade boy objected to his teacher's reciting a children's book about two princes getting married; the teacher said that because same-sex marriage is legal in the state, it was fair game to be presented.
Celtic scored two late goals after Greek Fyssas's dismissal to win 3-2 and Romanov said: "If we're after a fair game in Scotland, I insist on a replay.
In the hysterical atmosphere of the early Cold War, anyone who had signed a peace petition, joined an organization opposing violence or racism, or raised money for the refugee children of the Spanish Civil War--in other words, who had openly advocated what was not popular at the time--was fair game.
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