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fag hag

offensive slang A woman who spends time with or has many gay male friends. The phrase is usually used in a derogatory way.
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the fag-end of (something)

The last and worst, worn-out, or worthless part of something, often a period of time. In this phrase, "fag" originates from a word for the frayed end of a rope of piece of cloth. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. It's the fag-end of the semester, so the students are done with their tests and uninterested in learning anything new.
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fag someone out

Sl. to tire someone out. All that work really fagged me out. The hard climb fagged the hikers out.
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fagged out

Sl. exhausted. I'm really fagged out after all that running. John, you sure look fagged out.
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1. n. a cigarette. Hey, pal, gimme a fag.
2. and faggot n. a homosexual. (Derogatory.) Who’s the fag with the fancy hat? Who’re you calling a faggot?
3. n. a repellent male. (Rude and derogatory.) You creepy fag. Stop it!

fag someone out

tv. to tire someone out. All that work really fagged me out.
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and fag-bashing
n. doing violence to homosexuals. (Usually objectionable.) He was involved in a fag-busting incident that got him kicked out of school. What’s this strange need you have for fag-bashing? What’s your problem?



fagged out

mod. exhausted. I’m really fagged out after all that running.
See also: fag, out
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Limited Tenders are invited for Procurement Of Bearings : Bearing 7311 becbj(pair), single row angular contact ball bearing, cage: steel, make: skf/ fag
Fag Ends is the Roy Castle Foundation's stop smoking team.
Bearing cylindrical roller single row with polyamide cage :- skf nu307ecp or fag nu307-e-tvp2- qty-2
And that answer only narrowly noses out "Tragic, pathetic mess who married fags.
I now face exile in the very home of the fag, roll-up and cigar.
Fag Ends, based at the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Centre in London Road, helps run Liverpool Adult Smoking Cessation Support Service.
The agreement follows the joint FAG and Schiphol Group announcement made in December 1999, when both companies indicated their desire to realise cost synergies from optimising hub operations at Amsterdam and Frankfurt airports and to gain market share in the global airport market.
He added: "We're talking about having him light up a fag, being told he can't, and being greatly upset.
FAG and Schiphol Group are developing cooperation in six key business areas: passengers and retailing, aviation ground handling and cargo, real estate development, facility management, information and communications technology, and international activities.
uk, which helps smokers beat nicotine cravings, said: "We find it staggering the amount of time people are taking on their fag breaks, particularly if you think that most people will have to leave the room, take the lift, walk to the designated smoking area and light up.
I went for a pint and I was quite shocked when I still didn't have any real urge for a fag after the first few mouthfuls.
Schiphol Group and FAG together intend to play a leading role in this emerging competitive global industry.
AN 11-year-old who'd just appeared in court for driving a BMW in the dark with no lights on was pictured leaving the hearing smoking a fag with his mum.
I have survived an entire day without a cigarette although, in all honesty, for most of New Year's Day the idea of lighting a fag was as inviting as sticking my head in a nest full of snakes.
Out there on my lesbian island, I didn't have to make excuses for being a fag who knew how to put braces on support beams or how to hammer a nail with just two strokes.