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fade into insignificance

To begin to seem unimportant when compared to something else. My good grades faded into insignificance once my sister got home with news that she would be the lead in the school play.
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fade into the woodwork

To attempt to make oneself inconspicuous. Because I'm on probation, I'm just trying to fade into the woodwork for now.
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This subsection explains the fading models used in the considered two-hop AF relaying with DS-CDMA network.
where m is the Nakagami fading parameter, which measures the amount of fading, [bar.
In Fig 3 outage probability is again implemented for different fading scenarios between the channels.
In figure 1 the influence of fading parameter [eta] on the performance of the receiver with an imperfect reference carrier extraction can be traced for the case of QPSK detection.
We suppose the system in Rayleigh fading channels so the instantaneous SNR for the channel between the transmitter [R.
The key to selecting the right kind of applied window film to deal with both UV and overheating is to understand how fading and overheating happen.
In [7], an AF relaying system in which the links experience Rayleigh/Rician and Rician/Rayleigh fading environments was examined.
Furthermore, we also make the performance comparison of modulation schemes under Nakagami-m fading channel with other fading channels such as Rician and Rayleigh and show that the performance of the system is better in case of Nakagami-m fading channels as compared to other fading channels.
But instead of engaging us in the emotional aftershocks, the film lurches into soap-opera territory before fading out and fading from memory.
The disparate subjects of these series are given the same careful attention and are painted in the same pale sienna on the same size paper (forty-eight by thirty-eight inches), which produces an intriguing leveling effect; indeed, seen en masse, the works seem to blur together, each fading in the face of the homogeneity of its own series and the overall group.
Hardware-based multipath fading simulators have traditionally been used to generate up to two simultaneous fading channels.
Advantages of late inoculation include virtual elimination of fading and significant reduction of inoculant addition rates.
Eight hours later, while directed toward the patch of sky that contained the burst, a group of higher-resolution telescopes aboard BeppoSAX glimpsed a rapidly fading X-ray source thought to represent the burst as it cooled.
Valerie "Otusina" Winborne leads the ensemble with subtlety and strength, stirring the other dancers into a seemingly spontaneous stampede or alternately fading quietly into the background as they all become contemplative.