fade into insignificance

fade/pale into insignificance

if something pales into insignificance, it does not seem at all important when compared to something else When your child's ill, everything else pales into insignificance. With the outbreak of war all else fades into insignificance.
See also: fade
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Memories of the actual match fade into insignificance compared to the horrors elsewhere.
Stereo spread also seems a bit wide for the sonic distance from the group we're presented with, but these minor caveats fade into insignificance when one is carried away by the music making.
Walking in the rainforest is like taking a step back in time, where the modern world and all its stress fade into insignificance.
Robin Cook will one day fade into insignificance but we will have lost the pound forever.
Living in hotels away from home base is an unreal world - and domestic bliss can easily fade into insignificance.
They have sparked a scramble to buy that makes the Buzz Lightyear frenzy fade into insignificance.
fade into insignificance as one leafs through the pages of Rencontres avec Sadegh Hedayat (translated from a longer memoir in Persian, which appeared in Paris in 1988).
Judge Tom Burgess accepted the convict could die in jail and said: "The court is conscious of the concept of mercy but the defendant's problems fade into insignificance against the consequences of his actions against so many young girls.
As far as he is concerned, providing the pitch is up to scratch, everything else should fade into insignificance if his players can find their stride.
Although there are Chinese 'intelligence officers', both civilian and military, these fade into insignificance behind the mass of ordinary students, businessmen and locally employed staff who are working (at least part-time) on the orders of various parts of the State intelligence gathering apparatus.
However much we think we are a connected society at present, this will fade into insignificance in a future of 24/7 connection to the internet.
However the club did have massive injury and suspension problems at the back in the opening months of last season, against which this season's defensive problems fade into insignificance.
But these problems fade into insignificance alongside the paralysis she suffered after falling off the bed and into a bedside table.
Other world news will fade into insignificance as Owen's plight dominates the headlines for two weeks.
Canada border fade into insignificance when we are confronted the reality of Hurricane Katrina and the havoc that it's wreaked across the Gulf Coast of the United States.