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Brief Overview of the Development of Factory Farming and CAFOs
One does not have to buy into Peter Singer's absurd and dangerous notion that animal life is morally equivalent to human life to recognize the same bad-faith dynamic in the factory farming discussion.
To the extent factory farming is the problem, it is systemic, going beyond any single company.
The report also indicates that the major problems of factory farming are being exported to the developing world.
Factory Farming remains the fastest growing method of animal production worldwide, with developing countries set to be the world's leading producers of meat by 2020.
The factory farming industry certainly doesn't want to publish anything on it nor are we shown videotape on what really goes on.
Bishops' conferences from many of the farm states have issued letters and calls to action, many explicitly stating they oppose factory farming.
For months, the Ohio Farm Bureau has shown zero interest in the insights we have gleaned from our more than 23 years experience caring for and rehabilitating animals who once suffered from the debilitating effects of factory farming, and now they want to be the only voice in deciding how farm animals are treated?
Compassion in World Farming is campaigning to end factory farming of all species, including rabbits, particularly in Spain and France, where over 76 per cent of all farming in Europe takes place.
Factory farming has long been justified on the grounds that it provides cheap food, but raising and killing animals for food is big business, with huge profits culled by agribusiness corporations and enterprises selling the "end product"-from livestock producers to food processors to fast food restaurants.
More than 4,500 members had been due to vote on the resolution that described "the practice of factory farming, particularly large animals such as pigs and cows" as abhorrent and called on the government to block "such projects" on Wednesday.
ANIMAL Aid has released a shocking new factory farming film featuring grim scenes shot secretly in randomly-selected farms across the UK during the last three years.
That's Why We Don't Eat Animals is a children's book covering the topic of factory farming.
To prevent more epidemics, we must stop cruel and irresponsible factory farming.
Many of our readers believe that intense factory farming of animals is one cause of this outbreak.