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dropout factory

A high school that has an unusually high number of students who leave school (drop out) before graduating. Primarily heard in US, South Africa. With so little funding going to public education these days, it's no wonder that so many schools are becoming dropout factories.
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factory farming

An inexpensive and efficient system of farming in which animals are fed for growth and kept in small pens. Can we implement a system that is more humane than factory farming?
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on the factory floor

1. In the primary part of a factory where goods are produced or assembled. They figured out that the defect had to do with a manufacturing error on the factory floor.
2. Working in that part of a factory. I spent nearly ten years on the factory floor before being offered a position in the management team.
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bone factory

1. n. a hospital. After about two months in the bone factory, I was back on the job.
2. n. a cemetery. I know I’ll end up in the bone factory just like everyone else.
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gargle factory

n. a saloon; a tavern. Gary spends a lot of time at the gargle factory.
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glue factory

n. the place where old horses are sent so their bones can be made into glue; a similar, imaginary place for people. I’m not as young as I used to be, but I’m not ready for the glue factory yet.
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and nut factory and nut-foundry and nuthatch
n. an insane asylum. The teacher spent three years in the nuthouse. When did you get out of the nut factory?

nut factory

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piss factory

n. a bar, tavern, or saloon. (Usually objectionable.) I stopped in at the piss factory for a round or two.
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spook factory

n. the CIA (U.S. Central Intelligence Agency) near Washington, D.C., where spies are said to be trained. Tom got a job in the spook factory.
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References in classic literature ?
Here is the mad waltz of the spindles that whirl silk and cotton threads around the copper wires, very similar to what may be seen in any braid factory.
Between these more serious occupations the Saturday night hop with the paper-box factory girls came as a refining influence and as an efficient screen.
On Saturdays Rhinegold's paper-box factory closed at 3 P.
The unusual name actually comes from the fur-trade days, when the Hudson Bay posts manager was called a factor and his home called a factory.
For her, early efforts at moving assembly-line production in meatpacking and canning represent the only bona fide advances toward the rational factory in the first stages of American industrialization (in this respect, the author also ignores certain assembly-line aspects of gun manufacture in her discussion of the development of interchangeable parts production techniques).
The data collection effort, not common in India, was prompted by high cancer incidence in the verdant villages around the factory in southern Kerala.
An outbreak also occurred in a factory in Kyoto, approximately 50 km from Sakai City.
Using sonar-directed nets with mouths wide enough to snare several 747 jumbo-jets, the factory trawlers bring in up to 300,000 pounds at a time.
From now on, any factory producing a disc must first obtain approval from the National Copyright Administration in Beijing, which can check with the studio where the music or movie originated to make sure its rights were obtained properly.
San Marcos Factory Shops south of Austin, Texas; Gulf Coast Factory Shops south of Tampa, Fla.
Horizon is among the nation's leading factory outlet developers which have securitized their portfolios between May and November, 1993.
Working with Soviet scholars, the team walked to employees throughout the organizations, attended factory meetings, and examined relevant documents.
LeanPhysics Support Tools fill a need currently not being met by systems integrator solutions," said Mark Spearman, founder, president and CEO of Factory Physics Inc.
As a result, his archival research is patchy and the part of his work that is empirical is based largely on a close reading of a few Moscow factory newspapers.
Careful consideration is given to those properties that represent upscale factory outlet shopping centers located in markets meeting the Company's criteria for financial return and geographic diversification.