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In this design, the seal is installed over the shaft facing the opposite direction.
Simply trim the Face-Off to fit your face or hands, remove the clear protective sheet and press the pattern firmly on clean dry skin (with pattern facing the skin), thoroughly wet the back of the camo pattern and hold in place for 30 seconds, then slowly peel off the backing.
By the time Shadrack arrives, "he [i]s facing a line of delighted faces" (159).
This facing of the other, in which the very "otherness" of that person breaks through in a "revelation: a coinciding of the expressed with him who expresses," is the purest and most ethical of all human interactions.
The real issues facing our people boil to the surface.
The earlier we can reach homeowners and make them aware of what they're facing, the more options they have in addressing their financial issues and ultimately preventing foreclosure.
A good rule of thumb would be to have 10-15% of the floor area of what you are trying to heat in south facing windows.
Muncy, Pennsylvania, attempted a unique solution by combining nobake facing sand with its automatic matchplate molder.
Heatley, MVP of last year's All-Star Game, is facing vehicular-homicide charges.
With our employee facing applications, companies can realize dramatic process efficiencies, cost savings, and increased employee productivity, that directly impact their bottom-line.
He went on to say, "We are facing a national tragedy, unlike anything America has ever endured - our prayers and sympathies go out to all the families and friends of all the innocent victims.