face down

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face someone down

to make a face-to-face stand with someone who eventually backs down. Chuck succeeded in facing Tom down. Facing down Tom wasn't difficult for Chuck.
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face something down

to turn something face downward. Ted drew a card and faced it down. Face your cards down when you leave the card table.
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face down

1. With the upper surface put down, as in Please put these papers face down. This usage appears to come from cardplaying. [First half of 1600s] The antonym, "with the upper surface uppermost," is face up.
2. Overcome, intimidate, or browbeat someone in a bold confrontation. This verbal expression dates from the 16th century. Shakespeare used it in The Comedy of Errors (3:1): "Here's a villain that would face me down."
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ˌface ˈup/ˈdown

1 (of a person) with your face and stomach facing upwards/downwards: She lay face down on the bed.
2 (of a playing card) with the number or picture facing upwards/downwards: Place the card face up on the pile.
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face down

1. To confront someone in a resolute or determined manner: The incumbent faced down the opponent in a debate. The soldiers faced the enemy down.
2. To position something so that its front surface is oriented downward: I faced the picture down so that I wouldn't be reminded of my dead parents.
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Face down restraint, when a person is pinned face down on the floor, is particularly dangerous, as well as extremely frightening to the person being restrained.
Nationally, there is a significant variation among health trusts using face down physical restraint as some record no incidents in the 12 month period, while Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust recorded almost 1,000.
I care less where your dumb asses lay face down and take pictures of the ***, I'm just telling you where it came from," he added.
She said she had gone downstairs to fetch a towel and was away for about two minutes when she returned she found the baby girl, who had gone blue, face down in the water.
Then, each player puts an unwanted card face down on the table and slides it to the player on the right, who takes it up.
A Kent Police spokesman said: "Police carried out a search of the area and found the boy in a neighbouring garden, face down in a pond.
Three subsequent rounds of betting follow each time players receive their next card, also dealt face up, before the final card is dealt face down.
Players are dealt three cards - two face down and the other face up.
Mr Brownbridge told the inquest he was ironing when he realised she had been quiet so knocked on the bathroom door before going inside where he found her face down in the water.
The "enduring bases" plan suggests an almost Wild West chain of forts, with the calvary ready to sprint out to face down particulary grave threats.
On her return, she spotted Abide with Me face down on my lap as I struggled to open the water, and everything changed.
5 million people, of whom 89% are Catholic, Nicaragua has had to face down economic recession and the devastating after-effects of 1998 hurricane Mitch.
They smashed the windscreen and pulled the driver to the pavement where he was made to lie face down.
As Joines envisions the new procedure, a women would lie face down on a table with a cutaway section containing a well of warm fluid.
Gravitational therapy involves changing a patient's position from face up to face down every 12 hours, a technique that speeds recovery and reduces the cost of care, reported Wolfgang Petricek, M.