face doesn't fit

somebody's face doesn't fit

if someone's face doesn't fit, their appearance or personality are not suitable for a particular job or activity He'd always wanted to star in action movies but his face just didn't fit.
See also: face, fit
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The man whose face doesn't fit once said his kids wouldn't inherit a penny of his fortune when he snuffs it, making them the unluckiest kids in the world because they did inherit his looks.
Rushworth would offer something and if the argument is his face doesn't fit or that he somehow lacks the 'X Factor' to play Ashes cricket I just don't buy it.
If a coach thinks your face doesn't fit and she doesn't want to pick you, it's completely out of your control.
Sometimes your face doesn't fit, or there's too much competition around, and you need to make the right decision to suit yourself and suit your game.
of James Taylor, who was binned from the Test team after two games in 2012, is averaging over 80 at a run-a-ball in county stuff but his face doesn't fit.
When somebody tells you they don't think you're good enough, that your face doesn't fit, you don't just roll over.
A cleaner is disciplined, cleared and yet is still banned from the premises by a company that don't even employ him and who have decided that his face doesn't fit.
I thought then my face doesn't fit with the new manager and felt in my own mind it was time to move on.
Mike Nattrass, who has represented the West Midlands as an MEP since 2004, told the Birmingham Mail: "I'm not going to just walk away because some prat has decided my face doesn't fit.
Neither is locking up people whose face doesn't fit.
Sometimes your face doesn't fit but with the new manager coming in I've been given more of a chance and it's a great opportunity for me.
I was playing well, I was fit, I was scoring goals - but, as soon as your face doesn't fit, you are out.
I like what Roy has to offer - but if his face doesn't fit why not look at master tacticians like Venables, Hoddle and Royle?
They also manage his exit, rather than just tapping him on the shoulder and saying 'Your face doesn't fit any more.
Unlike any other career - if they work in one bank and their face doesn't fit they can go and work with another bank - with politics, if they go into one, there is nowhere else to go.