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Backlogs and bookings continue to be strong in the shower and eyewash systems area for the year.
This reduction is just an eyewash and act of betrayal to the people of the state," said Stalin.
How many times have you, through your daily work routine, passed by emergency eyewash stations on a pier?
It will see H2O Innovation design, build and commission a membrane-based water treatment package located within the company's central processing facility (CPF) to treat well water for domestic use in its administration and maintenance buildings, laboratories and garage wash bay, as well as supply safety showers and eyewash stations.
ISLAMABAD -- Veteran Hurriyet leader, Syed Ali Gilani, APHC leaders Shabbir Ahmad Shah and Nayeem Ahmad Khan have termed the so-called inquiry into the Sunday's killing of two youth at Sumbal in Indian Occupied Kashmir as mere eyewash and said that no culprit in uniform has been punished for his misdeed so far.
lot 64 - Eyewash chloramphenicol + rolitetraciclina / um fl - fl minimum 100 - maximum 200 fl;
However, the court was not impressed as it said: " What you have stated seems to be an eyewash, suspension can be revoked after three months.
produce a variety of safety products and other products for industrial and commercial application, including emergency shower and eyewash fountains for industrial usage, and a broad line of non- prescription safety eyewear distributed throughout North and South America.
Additionally, these stations and the fixed eyewash stations are required to have a distinctly marked and highly visible green sign with white letters.
The new announcements ahead of the Assembly elections are just an eyewash.
Without taking into consideration the previous year bonus of Rs 80, the hike in MSP was announced as Rs 170 and the loyal Chief Minister termed the hike as a good move by the Centre but in fact the hike is just an eyewash to the farming community," YSRCP Farmers Cell convener, MVS Nagi Reddy, told media here.
Within the trailers are eyewash stations, rinsing sinks, showerheads, handshowers and bodysprays, as well as optional foaming decontamination systems.
The veteran Kashmiri Hurriyet leader, Syed Ali Gilani, in a statement in Srinagar termed the puppet chief ministers announcement just eyewash.
Learn first aid for eye injuries and the locations of eyewash stations.
He said the deputy commissioners' investigation was an eyewash, and the Congress and the BJP were helping each other against corruption charges.