(with) (one's) eyes glued to (something)

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(with) (one's) eyes glued to (something)

With all of one's attention focused solely on the thing one is looking at. If "with" is omitted, the entire phrase is separated from the rest of the sentence by one or two commas. I will not abide people eating at my table with their eyes glued to their phones! I came back two hours later to find the kids sitting in exactly the same position, their eyes still glued to the television.
See also: eye, glue

your eyes glued to something


your eyes glued on something

Someone with their eyes glued to something or glued on something, is watching it with all their attention. Her eyes glued to the screen of her laptop, Kate did not notice the room growing dark. People stood in groups, their eyes glued to the TV and a look of disbelief on their faces. The boys sat politely on the gym floor, their eyes glued on the special visitor. Note: You can also keep your eyes glued to something or glued on something. I just kept my eyes glued to the road. I kept my eyes glued on the door, just waiting for him to come.
See also: eye, glue, something
References in classic literature ?
I sat with my eyes glued to the thermometer and the distance meter.
And Van Horn, smoking his cigar in lordly indifferent fashion, kept his apparently uninterested eyes glued to each boy who made his way aft, box on shoulder, and stepped out on the land.
People are forever walking around with their eyes glued to a screen.
I keep my eyes glued to the door, willing him to walk through it.
So hard to stay away from this teleserye, agreed an entertainment editor who closed his pages for the day with eyes glued to the family confrontation scenes on TV.
Unapologetically contemporary, the Rocky S Vida Collection kept all eyes glued to the ramp.
Even then, I thought it might move from the box, so I sat with my eyes glued to it for a full five minutes.
But the game remains profitable, and people are still playing even if they aren't the same masses that roamed parks last summer with eyes glued to smartphones, looking for elusive virtual monsters from their childhood to appear right in front of them.
Everyone in attendance - including Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach and "World War Z" star Eric West -kept their eyes glued to the dimly lit runway captivated by Nicholas K's designs.
Eyes glued to their phones, they wander about - some meandering, some trotting, others at a near sprint.
Literally, public parks are full of people with phones in their hands, eyes glued to the screen, swiping back and forth throwing pokeballs.
The idea of players roaming its halls, eyes glued to phones in search of the computerised figures, shocked many after an image was posted online showing one of the characters located outside the doors to the museum's Helena Rubinstein Auditorium.
And players have already reported wiping out in a variety of ways as they wander the real world -- eyes glued to their smartphone screens -- in search of digital monsters.
Members attending these services sit with their eyes glued to the speaker with full attention while at the same time agreeing to practice what they have been taught.
I suspect we will all have our eyes glued to the TV screens.