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23 // Composite eye-view render target with back buffer
24 draw full-screen sprite with eye-view render target as texture
Each metavoxel maintains a one-voxel border so texture filtering works (when sampling during the eye-view ray march).
It ray-marches each metavoxel one at a time, blending the results with the eye-view render target to generate the combined result.
The result of the eye-view ray march is a texture with a pre-multiplied alpha channel.
The sample supports having an eye-view render target with a different resolution from the back buffer.
It isn't a pompous recollection of the big battles like El Alamein that are needed, but the worm's eye-view - or rather squaddy's eye-view - of the British at war - sad, funny and just plain interesting at any time from the day of enlistment to demob.
Several children are wearing school uniform - and quite right, too (LDP Maritime No 009 A bright young thing chirrups down her sumptuous stateroom's white phone aboard the pre-war Canadian Pacific's Empress of Britainc 1830-40, steamboats are already a regular sight on the Liverpool waterfront, as are St Nicholas parish church, the signal tower, Town Hall, the CustomA Liver Bird's eye-view over the Port of Liverpool Building in September, 1960, with the south docks in their twilight years.
it takes a CEO's bird's eye-view to coordinate it, to plan it, to make sure it not only fits in with everything else a company is doing, but that it helps those other areas achieve their goals.
While most consultants approach this question from the founders' perspective, Knowledge@Wharton examines the successor's eye-view of the issues.
This process results in high-quality stereoscopic video that requires far less bandwidth to transmit than two independent eye-views.