exult in

exult in something

to take great pleasure in something; to enjoy something immensely. I exult in the beauty of a spring day. We exulted in the glory of summer.
See also: exult
References in classic literature ?
Is it possible,' said Emma, with some indignation, 'that you who have seen these men committing the outrages you have told us of, and who have fallen into their hands, like us, can exult in their cruelties
We had not to wait till all was over to know its value; my mother used to say, 'We never understand how little we need in this world until we know the loss of it,' and there can be few truer sayings, but during her last years we exulted daily in the possession of her as much as we can exult in her memory.
From the sales side he believes Exult's efforts to align closely with customers' business needs has helped Exult in forming long term relationship.
We may exult in liberated womenswear designers, but the menswear closet is still stuffed, and not with clothes alone.
The section will exult in a Southern California truism: Here it is possible, on a single day, to ski fresh powder in the morning, surf big waves as the sun sets, and -- to expand the idea -- pause along the way to mountain bike a technical single-track and nymph for scrappy trout in a wilderness stream.
Greg joined Exult in the summer of 2000 and was previously the General Manager of Exult's Charlotte Human Resources Service Center.
The deal is expected to increase efficiencies for International Paper by leveraging the broad-based buying power of Exult in the temporary labor marketplace.
We are entering the third year of our relationship in good shape to build on the foundation established by Exult in eHR with service center support.