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exult at something

 and exult over something
to rejoice because of something; to rejoice about something. We exulted at the end of the hostilities. The citizens exulted over the downfall of the dictator.
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exult in something

to take great pleasure in something; to enjoy something immensely. I exult in the beauty of a spring day. We exulted in the glory of summer.
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Sandeep Khomne, Co-founder and Director of Operations at Exult, attributes the success to the overall maturity the service delivery team has achieved being part of long-term customer accounts.
Exult will be using the Graphite GTC development platform to graphically build robust applications using no programmatic syntax at all.
Negotiations on the contract terms are currently being held and the deal is expected to be concluded shortly, Exult said.
Hewitt's merger with Exult elevated the firm to leadership status in the HR BPO market by bringing together both depth of HR expertise and BPO know-how," said Lisa Rowan, IDC's program manager for HR and Talent Management Services Research.
Madden boasts that Exult was the first firm able to take full, across-the-board responsibility for the HR area, integrating 20 different functions ranging from recruitment to retiree benefits.
8 million shares of Class B and Class C common stock, and shares held by certain Exult senior executives, during October through December 2004.
where diversified personnel services firm Exult Inc.
Hewitt and Exult stockholders voted to approve the companies' proposed merger agreement yesterday (September 30, 2004).
Our integration into an HR outsourcing force of this size and scale presents us with tremendous growth avenues," said Jim Madden, Exult founder and CEO.
Nasdaq:EXLT), a leading provider of HR business process outsourcing, today announced their boards of directors approved a definitive agreement for Hewitt and Exult to merge.
com, as well as through employers and e-HR technology partners, including HR XCEL and Exult.
Docent partners with the world's most prominent systems integrators and business process outsourcing providers, including Accenture, Exult, IBM Human Capital Solutions, Cap Gemini Ernst & Young and Deloitte Consulting.
The section will exult in a Southern California truism: Here it is possible, on a single day, to ski fresh powder in the morning, surf big waves as the sun sets, and -- to expand the idea -- pause along the way to mountain bike a technical single-track and nymph for scrappy trout in a wilderness stream.
Bell's is an art of tinges, a disciplined exercise that exults in the ineffable.