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extricate someone or something from someone or something

to disentangle someone or something from someone or something; to free someone or something from someone or something. I tried to extricate myself from her, but she made it hard for me to get away politely. I managed to extricate the ring from the vacuum cleaner bag.
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Summary: History has shown that armies that involve themselves in the internal conflicts of other countries more often than not end up caught in a quagmire from which they can't extricate themselves.
She said that the government was trying its best to extricate Pakistanis from Yemen but the Sanaa Airport could not be used for landing.
Firemen had to extricate them before all four were transferred to the BDF Hospital.
ISLAMABAD -- The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) had paid tribute to the sacrifices rendered by law enforcing agencies and resolved to extricate the country from the war against terrorism.
The US Navy's 7th Fleet admitted that it would take another month to extricate the USS Guardian from Tubbataha Reef.
He thus reiterated that the exact implementation of Arab League initiative remains the sole means to extricate out of the crisis and the building of a new democratic, vigorous and diverse Syria.
Charles Ayyoub owner and editor-in-chief of the Beirut daily AD DIYAR, on Tuesday called on members of the new cabinet to rally behind Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri to help him extricate the country out of its current economic and political troubles.
Beckham is currently on loan at AC Milan and trying to extricate himself from a lucrative contract at LA Galaxy so he can move to the San Siro on a permanent basis.
They are prepared to help the midfielder extricate himself from his Los Angeles Galaxy contract and provide him with the opportunity to stake a claim to play in the 2010 World Cup finals.
She has no real plan to extricate America from this big muddy by the Euphrates.
That's why I've been writing about the similar situation that now confronts us in Iraq--I know how hard it will be to extricate our friends even if reality is faced.
But even as she tries to extricate herself from her past, her sister's jealousy and rage threaten to pull her back in.
You'd think she wouldn't have that much trouble, given that most of her closest friends are guys, albeit dysfunctional ones in the tried-and-true way of sitcoms: Brendan (Reid Scott), who can't extricate himself from a bad relationship; her brother Andy (Jim Gaffigan), stuck in a henpecked marriage; loser Kenny (Michael Bunin); commitment-phobic ladies man Mike (Jamie Kaler); and Bobby (Kyle Howard), a new sportswriter to whom she's attracted, but they can't seem to get on the same page romantically.
Caption: All 160 members of the New Rochelle Fire Department will now be able to safely extricate themselves from certain emergency situations, thanks to a $15, 840 donation earmarked for the purchase of fire safety ropes by Cappelli Enterprises.
It builds to the finale, Flight, in which Michael (Wentworth Miller) must try to extricate his brother Lincoln (Dominic Purcell) from Death Row and evade sinister Captain Bellick (Wade Williams) and the guards.