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boring in the extreme

Very or extremely boring. Geez, that film was boring in the extreme—it actually put me to sleep in the theater!
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silly in the extreme

Very or extremely silly. I thought that movie was silly in the extreme, but the kids loved it.
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terminate (someone) with extreme prejudice

To kill someone without hesitation, mercy, or discernment. The general warned the rebels that they must either surrender or be terminated with extreme prejudice. We must terminate these terrorists with extreme prejudice to ensure the safety of our country.

kill (someone) with extreme prejudice

To kill someone without hesitation, mercy, or discernment. The general warned the rebels that they must either surrender or be killed with extreme prejudice. We must kill these terrorists with extreme prejudice to ensure the safety of our country.
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go from one extreme to the other

to change from one thing to its opposite. You go from one extreme to another about Tom—one day angry, the next day perfectly happy.
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go to extremes (to do something)

to be excessive in one's efforts to do something. Auntie Jane will go to extremes to make us all comfortable. Let's not go to extremes! We've already spent enough on gifts for the kids.
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terminate someone with extreme prejudice

murder or assassinate someone. euphemistic, chiefly US
The expression originated in the terminology of the Central Intelligence Agency in the 1970s.

boring, silly, etc. in the exˈtreme

extremely boring, silly, etc: I must admit, it’s puzzling in the extreme just how these books found their way here.
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go to exˈtremes


carry/take something to exˈtremes

behave in a way that is not moderate or normal: She really goes to extremes, spending such huge sums of money on entertaining her friends.You never go out after dark? That’s taking being careful to extremes, isn’t it?
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in the extreme

To an extreme degree: eccentric in the extreme.
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