extrapolate from

extrapolate something from something

to reason out the answer from the known facts. I cannot extrapolate what he meant from these notes. Can you extrapolate the annual total from the company's sales so far this year?
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To extrapolate from this mouse model to human scleroderma is hard," he says.
F5 = a multiplier to extrapolate from the FoodNet catchment area to the U.
If one could extrapolate from the experience of offshore wind power, for which we have a bit more experience, the installation period is disruptive but nor damaging," says Rick Sellers, head of the Renewable Energy Unit of the International Energy Agency in Paris.
Jerry Jacobson, Chairman of Pioneer Services added, "We may extrapolate from preliminary data derived from in-vitro studies on nerve growth and repair accomplished at Cornell University Medical College, double blind randomized chronic pain studies performed at The National Medical and Research Institute, as well as the reported successful treatment of several hundred neurological patients with picotesla range magnetic fields in Greece and America.
He cautions, however, that it's difficult to accurately extrapolate from findings in a limited area to an entire country, as Page's team has attempted to do.
It's difficult to extrapolate from these animal data whether or not the effect would be the same on humans.
You can't necessarily extrapolate from mice to humans," says Bukowski.
But it's a leap of faith at this point to extrapolate from soft ticks to the deer [Lyme disease] tick," cautions Richard Endris of Merck Sharp & Dohme in Rahway, N.