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extrapolate something from something

to reason out the answer from the known facts. I cannot extrapolate what he meant from these notes. Can you extrapolate the annual total from the company's sales so far this year?
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Because our reports are easy to reference and comprehensive in nature, customers can extrapolate the results to suit their own generating portfolio," said Dr.
In contrast, "top-down" pharmaceutical forecasts extrapolate historical demand (e.
Vatican Radio refuses to make public the power and direction of the transmissions from rotating antennas, making it impossible to extrapolate radiation doses from one area to an adjacent one.
The researchers extrapolate that across Indonesia, the 1997-1998 fires released a total of 0.
We can extrapolate that AviFluCide could be between 40 times (4,000%) to 200 times (20,000%) superior to Tamiflu in H5N1 field events," said Dr.
CORRECTION: This study, by the research arm of Planned Parenthood, mocks scientific analysis and extrapolates from extremely dubious assumptions.
In an overview of the Gig-E/MAN space, NPRG provides analysis of the subject as of the first half of 2001 and extrapolates trends for the future.
He extrapolates from well and lesser-known sources including Cicero, Pliny, John Evelyn, Beale, Taegios, Hartlib, Repton, Walpole, Foucault, Adriaan Geuze, Martha Schwartz and Bernard Lassus, to argue that gardens though considered a 'lesser art', if studied carefully, provide conceptual and theoretical lessons which will vastly improve the practice of contemporary landscape architects.
That extrapolates to roughly 14 million people nationwide, National Institutes of Health (NIH) researchers report in the May 10 Journal of the American Medical Association.
If you need all the particles to cooperate in order for any of them to move, you have a solid," Weeks extrapolates.
This extrapolates to 144 grams of gold to the ton or more than 4.