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extract the urine (out of someone or something)

To mock, deride, tease, or ridicule someone or something. A humorously polite alternative to the phrase "take the piss (out of someone or something)." Primarily heard in UK. It took me a while to realize that all her brother's bizarre questions about America were really just his way of extracting the urine out of me. Jeff's always extracting the urine out of the way politicians behave in public. It always takes foreigners a while to come to terms with English people's penchant for extracting the urine.
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extract something from someone or something

to remove something from someone or something; to make someone or a group give something. We extracted the juice from the oranges. The police questioning Maggie extracted the truth from her.
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Scientists from the Helmholtz Zentrum Munchen report that these extracts represent a potential new class of anti-HIV-1 agents for the treatment of AIDS.
Wine grape pomace is an excellent source of phenolic extracts for potential use in oral health applications.
ABC emphasized that the Chinese ginkgo extract manufactured in Shanghai is not consistent with any compendial botanical and chemical standards for quality as set forth in various official pharmacopeias and does not conform to the well-established chemical profiles, quality and purity of the leading, clinically tested ginkgo extracts.
The source of Frutarom Savory Solutions' new extract is the plant family Oleaceae.
This product is comprised of a radical scavenger, caffeine, a complex with amino acid salts consisting of sorbitol, arginine-HCl, or-nithine-HCl, tyrosine and Si02, an enzyme photolyase enclosed in liposomes and UV endonuclease, and an extract from corallina officinalis with propylene glycol.
Natural extracts can accomplish the same goal without compromising taste or food safety.
Mustard-seed and poinsettia-shoot extracts proved most effective, Cox's team reports in Agronomy Journal, published online June 5.
This liquefied, or supercritical, gas extracts carotenoids from the tomatoes much like hot water extracts flavonoids from tea.
The cell monolayers were exposed to 100 [micro]L of diluted and filtered TSV extracts for 1 hour: the extracts were then removed from the flasks, 2 mL of maintenance medium was added to each flask, and the flasks were incubated in three separate rooms at 37[degrees]C, 35[degrees]C, and 33[degrees]C, respectively.
Previous works have demonstrated that stem bark extracts of Cola nitida (Sterculiaceae), Afrormosia laxiflora and Pterocarpus erinaceus (Fabaceae) provoked a blockade of female rat ovulation and estrous cycle by inhibiting pituitary LH release in vivo.
a research and development company based in Palo Alto developing anti-cancer therapies, has signed an agreement with Pierre Fabre Medicament (PFM), a European company that has pioneered the use of natural extracts for pharmaceutical and dermatological products, to license PG490- 88Na, a patented derivative of a compound from a plant widely used in Chinese medicine.
Since 1983, seven good European studies have compared standardized saw palmetto extracts with look-alike (but palmetto-less) placebos in men with urinary problems caused by BPH.
Diamond Farming alleges ``that each of the defendants currently extracts groundwater from the aquifer for use on property not overlying the aquifer, for use on property that the defendant does not own, and/or for some other nonoverlying use,'' the suit said.