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extract the urine (out of someone or something)

To mock, deride, tease, or ridicule someone or something. A humorously polite alternative to the phrase "take the piss (out of someone or something)." Primarily heard in UK. It took me a while to realize that all her brother's bizarre questions about America were really just his way of extracting the urine out of me. Jeff's always extracting the urine out of the way politicians behave in public. It always takes foreigners a while to come to terms with English people's penchant for extracting the urine.
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extract something from someone or something

to remove something from someone or something; to make someone or a group give something. We extracted the juice from the oranges. The police questioning Maggie extracted the truth from her.
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In these cases, it may make sense to narrow the range of materials in an extract that originate in a plant.
Zhang, who now works at Nanjing University in China, Lowell, and their colleagues found that the extract stimulated pancreas cells taken from normal mice to secrete insulin.
Further, in the mice experiments, they have discovered that an oral intake of rosemary extract helps activate the biological defense system in the brain.
Phytochemical screening of the extract was performed using the following reagents and chemicals (Trease and Evans, 1983): alkaloids with Dragendorff's reagent, flavonoids with the use of Mg and HCl; tannins with 1% gelatin and 10% NaCl solutions and saponins with ability to produce suds and hemolysis reaction.
One of Patton's favorite uses of seaweed extract is as a foliar spray on citrus trees.
examines applications of Malt extract, its consumers
8 Market Outlook of Deproteinized Calf Blood Extract in China, 2015-2019Companies Mentioned - Harbin Sanctity Pharmaceutical Co.
Scientists from the Helmholtz Zentrum Munchen report that these extracts represent a potential new class of anti-HIV-1 agents for the treatment of AIDS.
However, in comments made during a review of the draft report in February 2012, Steven Dentali, PhD, AHPA's chief science officer, presented a data table that compared the NTP ginkgo extract to published analyses of commercially available ginkgo products and to recognized pharmacopoeial ginkgo standards, highlighting the unique, uncommon identity of the NTP ginkgo extract.
In the study, the researchers looked at the effect of grape seed extract on colon cancer cell lines from various stages of the disease.
Thus, manufacturers can even use the extract in light coloured products such as poultry, cooked ham and fish.
Recently, we showed that a methanol extract of Ganoderma lucidum inhibits scratching, an itch-related response, induced by intradermal injections of some pruritogens in mice.
A subsidiary of Chinese state-owned, Guandong Nuclear Power Corporation (CGNPC), has all but taken over control of the Husab project, after independent directors of Extract Resources announced this week that they have agreed to the company's unconditional offer.
shareholders will be aware, Extract has a major project on EPL3138,
All the plants extracts used in this study possessed antibacterial property except the ethanolic extract of T.
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