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extra pair of hands

Additional help or assistance provided by another person. I think we need to hire an extra pair of hands to help clean the house and mind the children.
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go the extra mile

To go beyond what is necessary or expected in order to please someone, achieve something, or get something done correctly. I have to say, our lawyer really went the extra mile in making sure every aspect of our case was watertight. Suzy always goes the extra mile to make my birthday special.
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go the extra mile

to try harder to please someone or to get the task done correctly; to do more than one is required to do to reach a goal. I like doing business with that company. They always go the extra mile. My teacher goes the extra mile to help us.
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go the extra mile

If you go the extra mile, you make a special effort to do or achieve something. The President is determined to go the extra mile for peace. I discovered that going the extra mile has always been a feature of successful people. Note: This expression is variable, for example people sometimes replace go with travel and mile with yard. We will travel the extra mile to arrive at peace. He will be remembered for his willingness to go the extra yard to help people.
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go the extra mile

be especially assiduous in your attempt to achieve something.
This origins of this expression can be traced back to the New Testament injunction ‘And whosoever shall compel thee to go a mile, go with him twain’ (Matthew 5:41). The revue song of 1957 by Joyce Grenfell , ‘Ready…To go the extra mile’, may have popularized its use.
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go the ˌextra ˈmile (for somebody/something)

make a special effort to achieve something, help somebody, etc: Both sides involved in the fighting say they are willing to go the extra mile for peace.
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Urgent Care Extra not only provides treatment for current illnesses and injuries, but also provides early detection and prevention with occupational health services.
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Our team also evaluated costs to the laboratory for the management of the extra tubes drawn in the ED.
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In 2007, for example, households in the second lowest income bracket (decile) spent, on average, NIS 70 per month on extra health insurance, while households in the sixth income bracket (decile) spent NIS 164, and those in the top income bracket--NIS 313.
Extra digits, also known as polydactyly, sometimes present as an isolated finding but of ten are part of a syndrome.
Although scientists have known about the crocodile heart's extra valve for many years, they haven't known what it was for.
Just three minutes a day can burn an extra 500 calories per month for average person: over seven months = 1lb.
Earlier lab experiments found plants growing exuberantly with extra carbon dioxide, but these tests provided abundant water and nutrients.
GOING to Corfu in Greece, Thomson wants an extra pounds 80 on top of its normal package prices if you fly from Cardiff or Birmingham.