extol as

extol (someone or something) as (something)

To highlight and praise the positive aspects of someone or something. After he made that sizable donation, we extolled him as the savior of the program.
See also: extol

extol someone or something as something

to praise someone or something as something. We extolled her as a heroine. The salesman extolled the medicine as a cure-all.
See also: extol
References in classic literature ?
There was such fascination in her pluck, nimbleness, the continual exhibition of unfailing seaworthiness, in the semblance of courage and endurance, that I could not give up the delight of watching her run through the three unforgettable days of that gale which my mate also delighted to extol as "a famous shove.
Dot Foods, the nation's largest food re-distributor, has selected EXTOL as a key part of their strategy to eliminate custom coded interfaces and manual processes from their supply chain systems.
UBICS selected EXTOL as the "best fit" for its clients based on the assessment of the technology, the proven TCO (total cost of ownership experienced by EXTOL users) and the proven reputation for enabling the rapid implementation of a comprehensive EDI solution, even with the limited IT resources available at most mid-sized companies.
Software Magazine Ranks EXTOL as one of the World's Largest Software Companies
MAPICS (NASDAQ:MAPX), a leading provider of e-business collaborative enterprise applications specifically designed to meet the needs of manufacturing companies, has selected EXTOL as the Certified Enterprise EDI Solution for MAPICS XA customers.
Just one person, Ferrell, supports EDI for all 7 divisions of MVM, utilizing EXTOL as their EDI management tool.