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extol (someone or something) as (something)

To highlight and praise the positive aspects of someone or something. After he made that sizable donation, we extolled him as the savior of the program.
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extol someone or something as something

to praise someone or something as something. We extolled her as a heroine. The salesman extolled the medicine as a cure-all.
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praise someone or something to the skies

Fig. to give someone or something much praise. He wasn't very good, but his friends praised him to the skies. They liked your pie. Everyone praised it to the skies.
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praise to the skies

Commend lavishly or excessively, as in The critics praised the new soprano to the skies. This expression, alluding to lofty praise, was in the 1600s put as extol to the skies but acquired its present form in the early 1800s. Also see sing one's praises.
See also: praise, skies
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8220;As partner networks become more widespread, there is greater pressure on businesses to ensure that sensitive information is protected, and ultimately compatible with all vendor platforms,” said Tony Baran, CEO of EXTOL.
EXTOL s customers will benefit from a single point of management and control for all data and files as they are transferred internally or between themselves and external third parties", said Stefano Musso, Executive Vice President at Primeur.
Extol is a whole generation on from the older-style oriental micro vans.
Veteran Dorset village store owners Gordon and Audrey Waiters were the lucky winners of a brand new Daihatsu Extol microvan in our The Grocer41ndependents competition.
3 litre Extol will eventually replace the Hijet micro-van which has been a firm favourite with small businesses for many years.
EXTOL became an underwriter of this research in order to help these companies understand the nature of the B2B environment, how it impacts their internal systems and how to address the their B2B challenges, with their existing teams and existing skills, in order to achieve superior supply chain performance.
Reliability and efficiency are critical to having a strong supply chain and maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction, which is why we're pleased to have EXTOL on board as a Featured Product," saidATA President and CEO Bill Graves .
After more than a decade at the top, however, and even though it is still available for several months to come, the Hijet has now handed its microvan crown to Daihatsu's more modern, more robust and considerably more comfortable Extol microvan.
Whenever I hear a coach extol the short passing game that focuses on possession and individual skill or whenever I hear a great coach like Anson Dorrance say that "attacking at all costs is the way the game should be played," I want to ask:
EXTOL Enterprise Adapter Enables Customers to Integrate SAP Solutions with External Customer, Supplier and Partner Interfaces
21, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- EXTOL International, a leading provider of business integration software and services, announces a steady increase in trucking, distribution and logistics customers due to functionality that directly addresses key market challenges.
The Grocer has teamed up with Japanese compact vehicle specialist Daihatsu to give away a new Extol microvan worth 6,995 [pounds sterling] (excluding VAT).
Extol demonstrated three Infrastake IR heat-staking systems: a standard single-head unit, a single-head unit with rotary parts-handling table, and a multi-head unit for high-speed assembly of parts with numerous, predictably located fastening points.
Citizen uses Extol to make business information visible throughout the organization.
8, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- EXTOL, a leading provider of business integration software and services, has launched a significant upgrade to its premiere integration platform, EXTOL Business Integrator (EBI).