get on the phone

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get on(to) the (tele)phone

 and get on(to) the (telephone) extension
to pick up a telephone receiver to talk to someone or make a telephone call. I'll get onto the extension and talk with Fred. I'll get on the phone and call Fran right away.
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I think there's enough incentive for the Lakers and Shaquille to address the extension issue and have some type of resolution in a timely fashion, and hopefully one that's beneficial to everybody.
If the taxpayer's return is due prior to 180 days after the property transfer in question, he or she must apply for a filing extension in order to have the entire 180 days to obtain the replacement property.
For additional information about OLLI at UCI, membership applications, course schedules and enrollment forms, visit extension.
Is not applying for an extension to file an individual income tax return (Form 1040) or
Taxpayers who make an election under an automatic extension, or whose tax liability would be affected by the election, must report their income in a manner that is consistent with the election.
Valley Voters Organized Toward Empowerment President Jeff Brain said his group and the City Attorney's Office will write a letter requesting the extension from the Local Agency Formation Commission, which oversees petition drives and would conduct the cityhood study the petition seeks.
Under new rules announced earlier this year, taxpayers need not pay the tax until the four-month extension period ends--August 15, 1993, for 1992 returns.
Free public access is being offered to video previews of 15 of the 50 Harvard Extension School distance education courses that are available this spring.
Partnerships can automatically extend this date initially for three months by filing Form 8736, Application for Automatic Extension of Time To File U.
Unlike some of the conservatives' proposals, the short-term extension would not impose any conditions or add legislative measures to the measure increasing the statutory borrowing limit of $4.
As a leader in distance learning, UC Irvine Extension is proud to be the first University of California campus to receive approval from the ABA to deliver paralegal courses in an online format," says Gary W.
The extension request should be completed in accordance with the form's instructions and then electronically transmitted to the service center where the return will be filed.
It is imperative that safety professionals stay abreast of current regulations in the technical and management aspects of their profession," said Rich Warner, course instructor at UC Irvine Extension.
An automatic six-month extension from the due date of the return (excluding extensions) to make both statutory and regulatory elections whose due dates were the return's due date (or its due date including extensions);
To meet the demands of this changing industry, UC Irvine Extension is offering a new course entitled "Motor Fleet Safety for the Safety and Health Professional" which explores how to develop safety practices and procedures for motor fleet departments.