extend across

extend across something

to spread across something. The shadows extended across the whole land. The fog extended across the low-lying land.
See also: across, extend
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Ric Leutwyler, vice president e-Commerce for Best Western said, "The solution will enable Best Western to extend across all client markets a customer-oriented, feature-rich booking system that will not only deliver powerful search, information and booking capabilities, but will also enable us to distribute our inventories at a lower total cost.
While the deal is currently French focused, there are plans for it to extend across Europe.
Current business activities extend across the United States and reach into Europe, Asia, and Central and South America.
But even more importantly, the benefits of their cooperation extend across the entire mobile value chain by reducing complexity and fuelling innovation in terms of application and peripheral development and reducing cost.
Tellme has an extensive VoIP telephony infrastructure that Jasomi's PeerPoint allows us to securely extend across the Net to anywhere in the world," said Don Jackson, vice president of advanced telephony at Tellme.
It specializes in providing fiber-optic components for metropolitan area networks, the middle ground between telecommunications networks that extend across states and so-called ``last mile'' networks that provide businesses and residences with service at the neighborhood level.
R-G Crown Bank has branch offices which extend across the state, along the I-4 corridor and beyond.
The company's customers are said to extend across the entire rubber supply chain, from natural rubber producers in equatorial countries to high tech aerospace manufacturers.
Objects resembling miniature building frameworks also extend across the floor, linked to the wall by long dotted acetate strips that evoke roads, flowcharts, or diagrams in an assembly manual.
The retained facade was propped during construction to contain three levels of reconfigured space, Toward the rear of the site, within a predetermined controlled volume, these spaces extend across the plot from street to street and rise to six storeys.
E[acute accent]"By tapping Serena's expertise in managing enterprise change, our customers can implement reliable, repeatable policies and processes that extend across organizational silos," said Mark Woodward, CEO of Serena Software.
The key technology and expertise we gain from TTF will help enable Adobe to provide manufacturing organizations even more comprehensive solutions for 3D visualization and collaboration that extend across and beyond the enterprise.
Serena offers a new approach to change, Change Governance, which integrates the development, implementation, and adoption of enterprise-wide policies and processes that extend across organizational silos to help companies mitigate the risks and maximize the benefits associated with business change.
Citrus groves extend across its lower slopes and the Channel Islands lying off the California coast are visible in the far distance to the west.