expunge from

expunge something from something

to erase something from something. The judge ordered the clerk to expunge the comment from the record. Please expunge the lawyer's remark from the transcript.
References in classic literature ?
He told him of all those things that seem most horrible to the creature of civilization in the hope that the knowledge of them might expunge from the lad's mind any inherent desire for the jungle.
I deplore the action of Lieutenant Alvarez, but I cannot expunge from my mind the loyalty and self-sacrificing friendship which has prompted him to his acts.
PALMDALE -- A Palmdale mother has lost her court attempt to expunge from her son's school records a three-day suspension for sexually harassing a fifth-grade classmate.
Kmiec, chairman and professor of constitutional law at the Pepperdine University School of Law, said, "I think this is unfortunately an all-too-commonplace effort to revise history and to expunge from the historical record all evidence of religious belief.