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expunge something from something

to erase something from something. The judge ordered the clerk to expunge the comment from the record. Please expunge the lawyer's remark from the transcript.
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mechanism through which an individual may expunge or limit disclosure of
A "Certificate of Eligibility" from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement is required prior to petitioning the court for an order to seal or expunge a record.
Tony Blair will welcome any issue which deflects our minds from this topic but he can never expunge the pain and agony this war will continue to cause thousands of families across Britain.
In granting the motion by the child's mother to expunge the affidavit from the court's continuing case record, Ontario Court of Justice, Lawrence P.
Kmiec, chairman and professor of constitutional law at the Pepperdine University School of Law, said, "I think this is unfortunately an all-too-commonplace effort to revise history and to expunge from the historical record all evidence of religious belief.
Crivens heard about a way he could clear his record, or expunge it, from state Rep.
Italy's deputy prime minister Gianfranco Fini arrived in Israel yesterday for an official visit meant to expunge a neofascist past that has tainted him and his right-wing National Alliance party.
Publishers lose because they will have to spend considerable amounts of both time and resources to expunge freelance materials from their database.
In fact Murcutt, who had approved the book in principle but had not seen the text until days before printing, managed to expunge some of its most off-the-record moments -- technicolour tales of his father's exploits in pre-war New Guinea, for instance, and vehement criticisms of early-80s Post-Modernism as it was then beginning to flower around Australia.
Not that we have to expunge it from our past, retitling books and recarving plaques, ripping the guts from idiomatic sayings; there may even still arise occasions of such dignity that no feebler substitute will do.
The government has maintained throughout the trial that it is up to government discretion whether to expunge the fingerprints and that the action is not legally required.
Loquasto's new green velvet costumes are handsome but heavy, perhaps working to expunge the golden, airy aspects of the dance's former profile.
Such an indigenous film industry would divest itself of colonial ideological and financial subordination, encourage Africans to recapture and treasure their distinctive Pan-African cultural traditions, and expunge net-colonial corruption and materialism.