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The last large food-sector expropriation occurred in April, and the target was the leading Venezuelan food producer Polar--a symbol, a giant that produces and distributes food and beverages and has been cited repeatedly as providing financial backing for the 2002 coup attempt and subsequent destabilizing campaigns.
By not identifying any particular methodology for the assessment of compensation in cases not involving expropriation, the Tribunal considers that the drafters of the NAFTA intended to leave it open to tribunals to determine a measure of compensation appropriate to the specific circumstances of the case, taking into account the principles of both international law and the provisions of the NAFTA.
sought to protect its investors by requiring that expropriation be remunerated at fair market value and by establishing an arbitration body.
I: SF Documentation updated for obtaining government decision on expropriation for public utility 220 kV dc, Ostrovu Mare RET
The president signed the expropriation order even though a federal court had ordered the contractor and the government to halt the project pending resolution of a lawsuit filed by community leaders Lucas Hernandez Josefa, Armando Garaa, and Jose Luis Fernandez Flores.
So far, numerous citizens and nongovernmental organizations have taken the expropriations to court.
While the federal government can expropriate land, (Expropriation Act, RSC 1985) most expropriations come under provincial legislation.
The family was subject to raids, criminal prosecution, expropriation without compensation of its assets, and its members were forced to flee the country.
The following two chapters examine the relationship between sovereign default and expropriation, how investor perceptions of these risks differ from reality, and why demand for political risk insurance has risen the last four years.
Summary: The World Bank's arbitration unit has agreed to hear a complaint by Spanish oil firm Repsol over Argentina's expropriation of the company's former energy affiliate YPF.
An expropriation or nationalization is the forced, non-negotiated
The Ministry of Finance explained Wednesday that the legal possibility for expropriation of the heating energy system was meant to be protection in the event the company can no longer do the job.
24) a number of land reformative measures, in order to realize land and residential justice, including compensation for land expropriation according to market prices and registration of realty transactions based on actual transaction prices.
The Ministry emphasizes that the institution of expropriation is still developing and expanding its scope.
The insured risks may include confiscation, nationalization, expropriation or changes in the foreign country's law.