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by ankle express

By walking (to a certain location). My car's in the shop, so we'll have to go to the store by ankle express. It'll take us forever to get there by ankle express! Can't you give us a ride?
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in round numbers

In or as a rounded, approximate number. And what do you think an expansion on the house like that would set us back, in round numbers at least? In round numbers, childcare is going to cost us about $2,000 a month.
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express (oneself)

To share one's thoughts or feelings in a particular way, often through art. I use art therapy as a way to get children to express themselves.
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by ankle express

Fig. on foot. After my horse was stolen, I had to go by ankle express. It's a five-minute drive, forty minutes by ankle express.
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express one's anger

to allow a release or expression of anger, such as through angry words, violence, or talking out a problem. Don't keep your emotions inside of you. You have to learn to express your anger. Bob expresses his anger by yelling at people.
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express (oneself) to someone on something

to say what one thinks about something. I will express myself to Karen on that matter at another time. She expressed herself on Karen to the entire group.
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*in round numbers

 and *in round figures
Fig. as an estimated number; a figure that has been rounded off. (*Typically: be ~; express something ~; write something ~.) Please tell me in round numbers what it'll cost. I don't need the exact amount. Just give it to me in round figures.
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express oneself

Reveal or portray one's feelings or views through speech, writing, some form of art, or behavior. For example, I find it hard to express myself in Italian, or Helen expresses herself through her painting, or Teenagers often express themselves through their attire, haircuts, and the like. [Mid-1500s]
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in round numbers

Also, in round figures. As an approximate estimate. For example, How much will the new highway cost, in round numbers? or In round figures a diamond of this quality is worth five thousand dollars, but it depends on the market at the time of selling . This idiom, which uses round in the sense of "whole" or "rounded off," is sometimes used very loosely, as Thomas Hardy did in Far from the Madding Crowd (1874): "Well, ma'am, in round numbers, she's run away with the soldiers." [Mid-1600s] Also see ballpark figure.
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Siberian express

n. an enormous mass of very cold air moving from Siberia, across the North Pole, and down onto North America. The country braced itself for a return Friday of the Siberian express with temperatures dropping to twenty below in many areas.
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The proposed assay uses an expressible firefly luciferase-coding DNA fragment (FLucDNA) as a reporter molecule.
Using composition, it is easy to see that relational calculus queries and Datalog with stratified negation are expressible in IQL almost verbatim.
Note that computing the lexicographically first maximal eigenvector is an [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]-complete query [Eiter and Gottlob 1995a], and is thus not expressible in DATALOG ?
However, this attempt by Matravers to distinguish between artistically expressible and artistically inexpressible emotions is quite without foundation.
For those of us who think sentences with different logical forms express different propositions, it would mean that no proposition expressed in a typical formal language is expressible in any natural language.
There was a concomitant increase in the expressible drip of the samples with increased storage time.
Emulsion stability, as total expressible fluid (TEF) was measured following to the procedure of Hughes et al.
The most important feature of the conditional symmetry method (and other "nonclassical" methods) is a requirement that the initial equation is subjected to certain differential constraints for which all 1st order derivatives of u are expressible in terms of x and u only.
A simple but unobvious necessary and sufficient condition was known to Poincare, namely that p(x) be expressible as a quotient of two polynomials, each having all coefficients positive.
The paint, the picture as occurrence or event, is not expressible, and it is to this that it has to [bear] witness.
its genome a combination of one or more expressible 1-SST enzyme encoding genes and one or more
Of course, conformity is precisely what political correctness seeks to bring about: conformity not merely of the outward variety--though that too is demanded--but of the inner kind, conformicy of the soul as it were, so that heretical thoughts, as in Orwell's Newspeak, are no longer expressible or even thinkable.
Our democrat's preference ordering over the four composite states of affairs will be assumed to be expressible by a transitive relation.
This claim would support agent-relative reasons, not expressible in terms of "costs", commensurable or otherwise.
An informal way of saying this is that everything which is expressible or realizable in the model must be expressible or relizable in the actual system.