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I was just the same myself before I went to Switzerland; I stammered incoherently; one tries to express oneself and cannot.
He said, "We hope that there will be a compliance with the provision of that resolution and a reduction of the problem that has resulted in the imposition of Russia legislation in Crimea as well as the imposition of Russian citizenship on individuals that living in Crimea with all the implications that that will have on the question of right to property, right to work, access to social services and the ability to meet, express oneself and yet again with issues of governance, rule of law and human rights that are not in line with international norms.
However, that is the certainly an appealing part about the fashion industry-the ability to express oneself is limitless.
Karishma Behera, one of the students standing by her pieces of art, explained that art is an easier way to express oneself and portray emotions visually.
As he puts it, it is a way to not only express oneself as an artist, but to leave behind a legacy for others to not only follow and study as well as connect the past with the present.
From spending weeks at a tailor's readying a real sartorial statement replete with a designer hat to scouring the high street for fine accessories - the race is a chance to express oneself.
Protecting the freedom to express oneself is a key element of any democratic society and in accordance with the principles of pluralism and tolerance.
The court's ruling suggested that if it had been, prohibiting the message might violate the fundamental right to express oneself in one's home.
The project's leader and self-confessed Warhol fanatic Cory Arcangel said in a statement that what's amazing is that by looking at the images, they can see how quickly Warhol seemed to intuit the essence of what it meant to express oneself, in what then was a brand-new medium: the digital.
HIREVISTA table (High Resolution Visual Side Table) is a new and exciting way to look at low tables no longer just as functional elements but rather as a unique way to express oneself.
The "styled" lives across both boroughs echo the most trenchant aspect of Smith's paintings: Their "realness" conveys the uncomfortably visible process of trying to express oneself or something meaningful in yet another already inhabited territory.
Readers who aren't musically inclined shouldn't be deterred: "This also is a book about how it feels to be an artist, about the need to express oneself and be recognized" (Houston Chronicle).
There was a real mix in terms of the audience, and a community grew out of the desire to express oneself unconventionally.
In a time where demands for uniqueness and individuality can leave a young person struggling to find belonging, the healthiest way to express oneself is to be in a group," he says.
Imagination and the ability to express oneself is a skill that does not appear on the school curriculum.