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expostulate about someone or something

 and expostulate on someone or something
to comment or argue intensely about someone or something. He always seems to be expostulating on something. Why can't he simply say "Yes" or "No"? Sam is expostulating on Bill's many shortcomings again.
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A judge immediately issued a warrant for his arrest prompting Mr Gere to expostulate that "the dance move was a naive misread of Indian customs.
In this respect and in the context of Polonius' dialectical counterpoint: "to expostulate .
And we do justly in it, for the writings and words of men present, we may examine, controll, and expostulate, and receive satisfaction from the authors; but the other we must beleeve, or discredit; they present no mean.
Exeter warns, "stay not to expostulate, make speed" (2.
What followed was vicarious dialogue that resulted in a narrative encompassing in general terms the aspirations and grievances of all the participants sufficient to give them a degree of confidence without requiring them to sign on to the others' positions--but equally not to expostulate against them.
Rather than expostulate in a personal way, I suggest that Mr.
Many councillors and MPs expostulate against hunting with hounds yet turn a blind eye to beasts and fowl having their throats cut whilst they are still fully conscious and being left to bleed to death, all in the name of religion.
Although, as the narrator reveals, "she had as much secret pride in the attachment of the redoubted Henry Gow as a lady of romance may be supposed to have in the company of a tame lion, who follows to provide for and defend her" (Scott 1907: 84), she condemns what his father refers to as Harry's "exploits" (Scott 1907: 39) in so resolute a way that it makes her father expostulate with her.
13) However, as in Sibbes so in Herbert, "Flesh and blood is prone to expostulate with God, and to question his dealing" (1:207):
Sophisticated folk titter and groan whenever Prince Charles presumes to expostulate upon matters architectural, and probably did not even bother to notice that in the pages of Perspectives on Architecture, the excellent magazine issued by the Prince of Wales's Institute of Architecture, the more or less completed library received a cautious encomium.
But, I hear you expostulate, how can you compare the two things?
Others critique censorship practices (both on and off the internet), analyze recent "sex panics" like the cult of missing children, muse over the politics of gay marriage, and expostulate the joy of pornography.
Guo Moruo explains away this apparent criticism of Zhuangzi in the letter by saying that Wang Xizhi and his friends have so ingrained Daoist ideas of the relativity of all in the cosmos (including life and death) in themselves that they have no need to expostulate at length on it, and look down upon those who feel the need to, even upon Zhuangzi himself.
Table 2 Representative Errors of Patient's Oral Reading Responses to Printed Stimuli Printed Words Oral Responses alertly "alert" alkali "alike" instigator "intimator" unsociable "insatiable" expostulate "expotulate" plagiarism "plagaris" Printed Nonsense Words Oral Responses ab "ad" tash "task" wips "wiks" plen "pled" hets "hast" plon "plas" expram "expam" stabe "stade" telequik "tetequik" subscrate "lubcrate"
Today's scientists expostulate the possibility of creating a six storey subterranean complex beneath the House of Commons to provide swimming pools, gardens, hotels and sports facilities, as if MPs don't already have enough, as well as getting a 10% pay rise, while the rest of us continue to struggle to survive the politics of chaos.