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My companion and I being undeceived by this terrible relation, thought it would be the highest imprudence to expose ourselves both together to a death almost certain and unprofitable, and agreed that I should go with our Abyssin and a Portuguese to observe the country; that if I should prove so happy as to escape being killed by the inhabitants, and to discover a way, I should either return, or send back the Abyssin or Portuguese.
And as to laughter, we will not expose ourselves, if you please, by attempting to laugh without a subject.
Of course he is right there," said Countess Mary, "but he forgets that we have other duties nearer to us, duties indicated to us by God Himself, and that though we might expose ourselves to risks we must not risk our children.
But in order not to expose ourselves to the loss of our thermometer, we will fasten it, and we can then more easily pull it back again.
They did not dare come in after us, and in general we would not expose ourselves to their arrows.
Why, every day in the trenches we go cheerfully to expose ourselves to worse than that--for a bullet may break a leg, and I am convinced a surgeon would give us more pain in cutting off a thigh than an executioner in cutting off a head.
The presidency of Donald Trump shows me just why it is so important to expose ourselves - especially our children - to conflict.
However, I have considered the case of Etisalat in detail to see if we will expose ourselves to international arbitration.
It's about attracting all the strong destinations which look to us for outbound tourism, and we support the government's efforts on visas to attract the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) market, as well as India, Iran and China, because this will only help us expose ourselves to these markets as well, maximising the demand for a luxury beach destination.
If we get it wrong we expose ourselves to losing a whole bunch of consumers that we worked so hard on inspiring, and that, to me, is more painful than losing users we never inspired in the first place.
Tragedy is the ineradicable risk to which we expose ourselves in the act of using our capacity for freedom" (p.
Objective: This project aims to provide understanding on why and how we as societies often forget instances of corporate irresponsibility over time, and thus fail to hold firms accountable over the long term, and expose ourselves to recurring trauma.
Listening to her very simple and clear explanations on what causes diabetes and how we unwittingly expose ourselves to a wanton lifestyle increasing our risk of developing diabetes and its complications, I was totally convinced that a continuous public education program is needed to equip everyone-lay people and doctors alike-with frequently overlooked information on what needs to be done to stem the tide of the diabetes epidemic in our country and worldwide.
But in order for us teachers to do this, we expose ourselves to all sorts of dangers- health risks, harassment, legal charges and physical attack," he added.