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The radiation that passes through the object strikes the phosphor layers of the screen, causing them to fluoresce, which in turn exposes the film.
Imaging scientists need to balance two factors: the thicker the fluorescent layer, the more light is emitted, which exposes the film faster and more effectively.
If one wants to obtain human data on a pesticide that is not being used at all or that is being used infrequently, one must intentionally expose human subjects to the chemical.
Because we think that some of the experiments discussed in this article could meet these conditions, we do not support a ban on experiments that intentionally expose human subjects to pesticides, and we support the U.
When the use of the circle and slash is combined with the passages of the Bible, it exposes homosexuals to detestation, vilification, and disgrace," Barclay said.
If she takes psychoactive medication while continuing to breastfeed, she stands a good chance of feeling better, but she also exposes her baby to potentially harmful amounts of the drug.