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blow up in someone's face

1. Lit. to blow up or explode suddenly. The bomb blew up in the terrorist's face. The firecracker blew up in his face and injured him.
2. Fig. [for something] to get ruined while someone is working on it. All my plans blew up in my face. It is terrible for your life to get ruined and blow up in your face.
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drop a bomb(shell)

 and explode a bombshell; drop a brick
Fig. to announce shocking or startling news. They really dropped a bombshell when they announced that the mayor would resign. Friday is a good day to drop a bomb like that. It gives the business world the weekend to recover. They must choose their words very carefully when they explode a bombshell like that. They really dropped a brick when they told her the cause of her illness.
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explode with something

1. . Lit. to make a loud noise upon exploding or releasing energy. The bomb exploded with a thunderous roar. When the joke was finished, the audience exploded with laughter.
2. Fig. to burst out saying something; to be about to burst with eagerness to say something. The children exploded with protests when their parents told them it was bedtime. Hanna was exploding with questions.
3. Fig. to produce a sudden abundance of something. (Alludes to buds bursting or a sudden blooming or sprouting of vegetation.) The fields exploded with an enormous crop of wildflowers. The cherry trees exploded with blossoms.
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blow up in your face

also explode in your face
to unexpectedly fail The military does not rush into a situation that could blow up in their faces. Carey's efforts to explain the need for staff reductions exploded in his face.
Related vocabulary: have egg on your face
See also: blow, face, up

blow up/explode in somebody's face

if a plan or situation blows up in your face, it has a bad effect on you instead of the result you expected The government's attempts at reform have blown up in its face, with demonstrations taking place all over the country.
See also: blow, face, up

drop a bomb

See also: bomb, drop
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As the authors note, research and development at the USN's Newport Torpedo Station led to a steady stream of improvements: gyroscopic steering, magnetic influence exploders, and "wet" heater turbines all greatly improved range, accuracy, and lethality.
presence of humans, dogs, vehicles, snow fences, propane exploders, scarecrows, and radio noises).
In Into Danger: Risking Your Life For Work (Hodder & Stoughton, pounds 20), Kate talks to people whose jobs put them in daily peril - from stunt people to landmine exploders and even a "snake man" who has been bitten by poisonous snakes to find venom for vaccines.
We collected our exploders and stuff and put them back in the store in the communication trench, then went up and had a look at the craters.
hard-wired exploders used for the remote detonation of demolition charges,
Seeds are floaters and fliers and buried-alivers, / exploders and stickers and hitchhiking tricksters.
Evaluation of propane exploders as white-tailed deer deterrents.
Guard dogs and gas exploders as coyote depredation control tools in North Dakota.
ACLU that, "Through the use of Web pages, mail exploders and newsgroups, [any Net user] can become a pamphleteer.
Believe it or not, specialized ammunition, such as Glasers and Exploders, are rarely encountered in SWAT operations.
The OSCE Centre in Bishkek on 25 November 2015 held a ceremony to hand over to the Engineering Department of the Kyrgyz Armed Forces two explosive ordnance disposals, nine bomb suits with helmets, two distance remote exploders, two hook and line kits and seven mine detectors.
Of course the bans in the four states do little to stop exploders from exploding stuff.
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From a wartime beginning focused on effective torpedo exploders, APL-UW initiated acoustic studies and oceanographic research programs to understand how variations in the ocean environment affected the performance of Navy systems.