explain away

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explain something away

to explain something so that it is no longer a problem. You can try to explain it away if you want, but that won't solve the problem. You can't just explain away all your problems.
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explain away something

also explain something away
to invent reasons why something is unimportant You will find it hard to explain away all these mistakes. Rather than face the truth, we try to explain it away.
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explain away

Dismiss or minimize the importance of something, especially something detrimental. For example, "His words were taken down, and though he tried to explain them away, he was sent to the Tower" (Thomas Macaulay, The History of England, 1855). [c. 1700]
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explain away

To dismiss or minimize the significance of something by explanation: The candidate tried to explain his earlier misstatements away. The researcher explained away the criticisms that were raised against her hypothesis.
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Stop trying to explain away the figures and get to the root of this disease once and for all.
In addition, she attempted to explain away her purchase of a "home" in England - asserting that the property was to lodge the books, letters, archives and memorabilia of her father, the late Sean O'Casey.
In the end, "chronicity proved more durable than reform," as the category of chronicity itself was used by the professional community to explain away its failures.
The purely critical instinct aims to chop up, reduce, and explain away any object.
Our rivers and streams are teeming with salmon, yet farmers have been pushed into bankruptcy, businesses are closing, and a way of life is being destroyed while government officials explain away listing fish that really aren't endangered at all," said Brooks.
They all deserve the highest praise, unlike the leader and deputy leader of the city council, who as far as I could tell, left their juniors in the lurch to attempt to explain away what had happened in the media.
The first line of their response referred to how the letters were in their pigeonholes in Westminster, as if that somehow explains how it took so long to explain away their pounds 3,000 bill.
We went out to look and at first a few people scoffed at the idea they were UFOs but then they started to move and you could not explain away what we were seeing.
Once the initial shock at these attempted outrages had subsided, my thoughts drifted off to Dr Mohammad Naseem of Central Mosque and how, in his inimitable way, he could explain away such events.
In the same-sex "marriage" debates, nobody could possibly explain away the biblical injunctions against homosexuality, to say nothing of the universal cultural traditions which have always and only understood marriage to be between one man and one woman.
If it's an STI it will be difficult to explain away - although there's always the possibility your new husband is the carrier - but you can't put this off any longer.
Nor did she explain away any of the other logical inconsistencies having to do with claims made by federal investigators:
Companies like to explain away some of their worst (and often cheapest) ingredients with words like "decadence.
It's an ideal companion on the course, or in the club house as you look for solutions to the excuses that explain away your mishaps
All the current confusion has been sparked simply by referees trying to explain away an error committed in a match at Old Trafford.