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experiment in something

to conduct research or experiments about something. The research group is experimenting in the field of biomechanics. We want to experiment in thermodynamics.
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experiment (up)on someone or something

to use someone or something as the subject of an experiment. (Upon is formal and less commonly used than on.) Do you think we should experiment upon people? The researchers were experimenting on a new drug that might cure rabies.
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experiment with someone or something

to try different experiments on someone or something; to use different people or things as key variables in an experiment. They are supposed to be experimenting with new drugs. We no longer experiment with animals.
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References in classic literature ?
By constant playing and experimenting with these he learned to tie rude knots, and make sliding nooses; and with these he and the younger apes amused themselves.
It was as if Heaven was experimenting with him, had picked him out as a sample from the English millions, to look at him more nearly, and to see what was happening to the soul of man.
First, because upon it depends the very life of the race of Mahars, and second, owing to the fact that when it was public property as at first so many were experimenting with it that the danger of over-population became very grave.
It was he who gave me the idea upon which I have been experimenting until at last I have achieved success.
We pass on, then, to that night at Market Burnham Hall, when a Zeppelin was guided to the spot where Sir Meyville Worth was experimenting on behalf of the British Government, and dropped destructive bombs.
The doctors have been experimenting on him for years, and he's in the French Hospital now, I think.