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pad (one's)/the expense account

To make unnecessary or fraudulent charges to one's company expense accounts for one's personal use. Have you been padding your expense account, Johnson? You're going to have to explain some of these mysterious out-of-state charges.
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at the expense of someone or something

Fig. to the detriment of someone or something; to the harm of someone or something. He had a good laugh at the expense of his brother. He took a job in a better place at the expense of a larger income.
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go to the expense (of doing something)

to pay the (large) cost of doing something. I hate to have to go to the expense of painting the house. It needs to be done, so you'll have to go to the expense.
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go to the trouble (of doing something)

 and go to the trouble (to do something); go to the bother (of doing something); go to the bother (to do something)
to endure the effort or bother of doing something. I really don't want to go to the trouble to cook. Should I go to the bother of cooking something for her to eat? Don't go to the trouble. She can eat a sandwich.
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Money is no object,

 and Expense is no object.
Fig. It does not matter how much something costs. Please show me your finest automobile. Money is no object. I want the finest earrings you have. Don't worry about how much they cost because expense is no object.
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out-of-pocket expenses

Fig. the actual amount of money spent. (Alludes to the money one person pays while doing something on someone else's behalf. One is usually paid back this money.) My out-of-pocket expenses for the party were nearly $175. My employer usually reimburses all out-of-pocket expenses for a business trip.
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at the expense of something

with the loss of something Time is spent preparing students for state tests at the expense of other, important instruction.
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at your expense

1. causing embarrassment They had a joke at her expense.
2. with you paying for something I can have the ROM on my computer expanded at my expense.
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spare no expense

to not consider the cost of something The team spared no expense in hiring players last year.
Related vocabulary: spare no effort to do something
See also: expense, spare

money is no object

how much something costs is not important If money was no object, what sort of a house would you live in?
See also: money, object

go to the trouble (of doing something)

also take the trouble (to do something)
to make an effort to do something If anyone had gone to the trouble of looking up his record, the police would not have released him.
See also: trouble

no expense is spared

if no expense is spared in arranging something, a lot of money is spent to make it extremely good No expense was spared in making the guests feel comfortable.
See and hang the cost
See also: expense, spare

and hang the cost/expense

if you say that you will do or have something and hang the cost, you mean that you will spend whatever is necessary I thought for once in our lives let's treat ourselves really well and hang the cost.
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at the expense of

Also, at one's expense.
1. Paid for by someone, as in The hotel bill for the sales force is at the expense of the company. [Mid-1600s]
2. To the detriment or injury of a person or thing, as in We can't speed up production at the expense of quality, or The laughter was all at Tom's expense. [Late 1600s]
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go to the trouble

Also, take the trouble; go to the bother or the expense . Make the effort or spend the money for something. For example, He went to the trouble of calling every single participant, or She took the trouble to iron all the clothes, or Don't go to the bother of writing them, or They went to the expense of hiring a limousine. [Second half of 1800s] Also see put oneself out.
See also: trouble

money is no object

Also, expense is no object. It doesn't matter how much it costs, as in Get the very best fur coat you can find-money is no object. In this expression no object means "something not taken into account or presenting no obstacle." It was first recorded as salary will be no object in a 1782 newspaper advertisement for someone seeking a job. Both money and expense were so described by the mid-1800s.
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n. a baby; a child. (see also deduction.) The little expense just cries, craps, and chows.

at (one's) expense

To one's detriment or chagrin: telling jokes at my expense.
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