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expend (something) for (something)

To spend a certain amount of money on something. I wonder how much money Al had to expend for a fancy car like that.
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expend (something) in (something)

To use something in some action or pursuit. Unfortunately, my side business has not been worth what I'm expending in energy to market it.
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expend (something) on (someone or something)

To use something on someone or something in particular. I don't want to expend much energy on my side business anymore because I'm just not making that much money from it.
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expend something for something

to pay a certain amount for something. I expended an enormous amount for skin creams. How much money did you expend for this gaudy tie?
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expend something in something

to use or consume something in some activity. You expend too much energy in talking. Harry expended a lot of time in the preparation of his speech.
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expend something on someone or something

to use something on someone or something. Don't expend too much energy on him. He isn't worth it. There is no point in expending any more money on this car.
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Within 90 days of completing its commitments for a 60% interest, Arimex may elect to acquire a further 15% ownership for a total of 75%, by completing a feasibility study within 2 years; issuing to CanAlaska 200,000 additional common shares; and expending a minimum of $500,000 (Cdn) per year on the Key Project.
by expending 4,000,000 euros within a five-year period; 300,000 euros to be expended during the first year.
Piedmont will have earned a 51% interest in the project upon expending $2,000,000 in exploration expenditures and property and claims maintenance fees within 5 years of the effective date of this agreement.
TSX VENTURE:TTM) ("TTM") are pleased to announce that they have entered into an agreement whereby TTM may acquire a 15% interest in the Denain property by expending a total of 300 000$ prior to July 31st 2005.
Kimberly may earn-in up to a 51% interest in the Lady of the Lake property in exchange for $80,000 cash and expending $921,800 in exploration over a five-year earn-in period.
Furthermore, under the terms of the Agreement, AGG has elected to earn an additional 34% direct interest (for a total interest of up to 85%) by expending an additional US $1,000,000 on the Mankranho License.
Its primary projects are the Puckett Field, MI, for which the Company is earning a 50% net working interest by expending $2,000,000 in drilling and development on the property, and the Iowa,Field, LA, for which the Company is earning a 45% net working interest by expending $1,200,000 in drilling a new well.
KBG") pursuant to which Conquest may earn a 60% working interest in KBG's King Bay Gold Project by expending $600,000 on exploration prior to April 30, 2008, of which $200,000 is a firm commitment to be expended prior to April 30, 2006.
TRC-V) a 50% interest in the Fish Creek claims by expending US$500,000 over three years.
Pursuant to the terms of the Letter of Intent, Quincy will be required to expend a total of $5,000,000 to acquire Newmont's rights to the Seven Troughs Project, including expending $500,000 on exploration of the property during the 18 months following execution of a definitive agreement.
Peabody, or its assignee, has the right to earn a 70% participating interest in Thierry by producing a bankable feasibility study, or expending $7 million on the property.
Mena can earn a 51% interest in the Carrizalillo Project by expending US$2 million in direct exploration costs over three years.