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expand (one's) horizons

To have or seek out new experiences, especially if one's experiences have been relatively limited. I'm really nervous to live at school, but I know I need to expand my horizons and get some experience living without my family. I can't believe that Molly has never left the state before! She seriously needs to expand her horizons!
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expand (something) into (something)

1. To become larger or more extensive. Don't pull the cord on that, or it will expand into a raft!
2. To make something larger or more extensive. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "expand" and "into." Don't expand that into a raft just yet—wait till we get to the lake. The publisher wants me to expand my short story into a novella.
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expand (up)on (something)

To discuss a topic in more detail. This is such an important point that I'd like you to expand upon it when you revise your paper.
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expand into something

to grow into something; to enlarge into something. The little problem expanded into a big one in no time at all. In no time at all, the vegetable garden had expanded into a small farm.
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expand one's horizons

Fig. to experience and learn new things. Read more! Travel! Go out and expand your horizons!
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expand something into something

to enlarge something into something; to make something grow into something. She expanded her business into a national company. I would like to build on an addition to expand this room into a more usable space.
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expand (up)on something

 and enlarge (up)on something
Fig. to add detail to a report about something; to say more about something. Would you please expand upon that last remark? Would you care to enlarge upon your remarks?
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References in classic literature ?
It was remarked that this bird did not expand its wings, when first starting at full speed, after the manner of the northern kind.
Who knows what the human body would expand and flow out to under a more genial heaven?
You may have known your neighbor yesterday for a thief, a drunkard, or a sensualist, and merely pitied or despised him, and despaired of the world; but the sun shines bright and warm this first spring morning, recreating the world, and you meet him at some serene work, and see how it is exhausted and debauched veins expand with still joy and bless the new day, feel the spring influence with the innocence of infancy, and all his faults are forgotten.
Alberta -- Local calling expands to include McKenney.
This move is the latest in a series of actions by Verizon to dramatically expand local calling for its customers throughout the state.
It expands our product offering, further diversifies our customer base and business mix, extends our reach in many new markets, and it is a perfect complement to our North America-based expanded metal operations.
With a compelling discount margin program coupled with their dedicated channel support, the Expands Compass Partner program offers advantages other vendors can't match.
Expand Networks today announced that the company is accelerating its go-to-market strategy with a leading-edge channel initiative, the Compass Partner Program.
The Expand Networks' Compass enables more users to operate over narrow satellite connections, expands satellite bandwidth, reduces traffic collisions and overcomes the effects of latency.
Next-generation WAN compression works on all applications, and expands average capacity by 100 to 400 percent with peaks of 1000 percent and often more;
Expand Networks, a leading provider of Application Traffic Management Systems for the branch office, announced today that the company has been selected as a finalist in the Best WAN Accelerator category of CMP Media LLC's Network Computing 2005 Well-Connected Awards.
What's more, SpaceNet also features support for native volume managers and SAN multi-pathing, which further expands heterogeneous platform-independent storage management.