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exclude (someone or something) from (something)

To prevent the inclusion of someone or something in something; to leave someone or something out of something. Kyle isn't coming to the party after all, so exclude him from your head count. Exclude pens from your supply orders for a little while because we're fully stocked on them.
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present company excluded

Without regards to the person or people in one's immediate vicinity. Everyone in this school is a self-centered, spoiled little brat. Present company excluded, of course. Present company excluded, there isn't a single person in this building who has the skills it takes to run the business.
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exclude someone or something from something

to leave someone or something out of something; to leave someone or something off a list. Did you mean to exclude me from the party? I excluded chocolate cake from the shopping list.
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But others counter that it's not just legitimate, but essential, to exclude smokers and chronically ill people to figure out what weight is healthiest.
Transferring property to an irrevocable living trust in which the grantor surrenders all ownership interests excludes the corpus from the grantor's taxable estate.
Generally, a taxpayer may exclude gain from the sale of a less-than 100% present interest in an otherwise qualified property.
The extent of these modifications will likely determine the defensibility of the taxpayer's position to exclude a vehicle from the luxury automobile limits.
108(a)(1)(A) and (B) intend to exclude discharged COD income to the extent the taxpayer is in bankruptcy or is insolvent.
117(d) provides that a taxpayer can exclude from gross income a qualified tuition reduction, defined as "any reduction in tuition provided to an employee of an organization .
Under that section, an employee may exclude premiums paid for accident or health insurance coverage by an employer.
108(d)(3) and could exclude the $42,142 DOI income.
101-136) that exclude items from gross income, but stop short of providing that they are not income items.