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(as) exciting as watching paint dry

Very dull or boring. Everyone loves that period drama, but, to me, it's as exciting as watching paint dry. Rachel fell asleep during the big game because she thinks that watching sports is exciting as watching paint dry.
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excite (one) about (something)

To cause one to feel enthusiastic about something, especially in anticipation of participating in it. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "excite" and "about." Despite my best efforts, I still haven't been able to excite my students about trigonometry.
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*exciting as watching (the) paint dry

very, very dull. (Sarcastic. *Also: about as ~; as ~.) This book is about as exciting as watching paint dry. Listening to you is exciting as watching the paint dry.
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But she excitingly animates their theologies in the service of her own theopolitical voice.
Excitingly you are offered more than 3000 Venturi-related images.
But the familiar--especially if exquisitely or even just excitingly presented--was what paid off.
No matter what he was writing about--Socrates, Joyce, Kafka, Ruskin, Ives, Balthus, Defoe, Santayana, Montaigne, Tchelitchew, Gaudier-Brzeska, table manners, prehistory, the Civil War, Pentecostal snake handlers--he not only appeared to know the subject inside out but seemed to have thought it through with such deep and singular imagination as to make it entirely and excitingly his own.
Web sites could also be made aesthetically appealing, even stunning, as well as excitingly interactive, with a multiplicity of hypertext and graphic links.
In Europe, it's Les Grandes Montets in Chamonix, France, "a big area with lots of crazy terrain and excitingly intense ski watching.
One evening soon after the surgery Major Toorsunov contacted LTC Madden and excitingly exclaimed that for the first time his son was attempting to speak and was responding to his parents.
Against historians who see republicanism as arising from rather than leading to regicide, and then rapidly disappearing, Norbrook argues that "the republican culture of the 1650s was at once excitingly new and as familiar as a dog-eared school-book" (14): the study of the classics provided situations in which republican political practice was actively imagined, and the Renaissance revival of rhetoric took on political implications.
Inspired by 1920s Russian avant-gardist Dziga Vertov's kino pravda (cinema truth), and still photographers like Henri Cartier-Bresson (who hunted big game before he decided to track human beings), they shot fast and loose with excitingly new, lightweight cameras and portable sound equipment.
Of course we are simplifying, but you cannot knock this kind of game when you have the athletes who can play it so beautifully and excitingly, and the fans who respond to it in such overwhelming numbers?
The product is excitingly unique in the wall covering market in the US with several parties seeking to participate in its distribution nationally.
3 million in state funding has been welcomed excitingly.
Out there, our eyes feasted on scenic, serene coastal towns, with the deep blue sea to the left and majestic mountains, rice fields and vegetable farms to the right, all the way up to the excitingly picturesque Patapat in Pagudpud
com/o2academyliverpool LECTURE David Starkey - The King is Dead The Tudors died as excitingly as they lived.
But, more excitingly, I gained a chance of a longer life.