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excite someone about something

to stimulate someone about something. I thought our vacation stories would excite her about going, but they did not. She was excited about the trip to Moscow.
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excite something in someone

to arouse something in someone; to arouse someone with something. The horror movie excited a lot of fear in Mike. The smell of jasmine in the warm air excited a romantic streak in me.
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Exciting Activities for Kids: Ride the Ducks of Baltimore (25 Light St.
Exciting Activities for Kids: Cedar Point Amusement Park (Sandusky, 419-626-0830, cedarpoint.
Columbus' attractions range from a vibrant arts scene to one of the nation's largest universities to a renowned zoo, exciting sports, lively urban entertainment districts and fine restaurants.
Exciting Activities for Kids: Science Place--Fair Park (1318 Second Ave.
Exciting Activities for Kids, Children's Museum of Houston: Combining adventure and education, CMH is ranked among the top children's museums in the country by Child magazine.
Exciting Activities for Kids: Children's Museum of Indianapolis (3000 N.
Exciting Activities for Kids: Adventure Landing (1944 Beach Blvd.
Exciting Activities for Kids: Kaleidoscope (Crown Center 2501 McGee Trfwy.
Exciting Activities for Kids: The Children's Museum of Memphis (2525 Central Ave.
Considered to be one of the nation's most exciting cities, Miami is not only a tropical paradise destination, but also a melting pot of cultural venues and happening attractions.
During the first month of the promotion, on-site promoters will be available in several key selected restaurants to demonstrate the exciting features that will be available on the Burger King loyalty program section of the portal and to actively promote the registration of new AOL Mexico members.
Burger King has been a leader in developing creative ways to reach its customer base and we are very excited to be joining them in this exciting program.
Inigo Zabala, President, Warner Music Latin America, said; "This is a very exciting opportunity for Warner Music Latin America.
This program with Burger King is part of AOL Latin America's ongoing efforts to bring new and exciting content and entertainment opportunities to its members.
This new relationship with Excite@Home will introduce their users to the exciting world of real-time streaming.